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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Is Kamala Harris a closet Republican making a desperate plea through her Guatemala Trip to change parties?

It is difficult to isolate the most satisfying moment of Kamala Harris's recent trip to Guatemala to discuss the massive exodus of people to the U.S. since Joe Biden became President a few months earlier.                   

Was Harris's most satisfying moment when she channeled Donald Trump and told Guatemala "do NOT leave your country, I forbid it"

Or, was it Harris refusing to go to the border so she could be ambushed by hundreds of News Photographers who could then retire reselling their photos of Harris at the Border to salivating Conservative news sites, not to mention Biden supporting news sites, heck, even Anarchists wanting to burn it all down sites would love to have Harris posing with Children in cages at the border. 

Perhaps even Progressive sites using the Border photos with Harris and friends could hold power over Harris's political future. Imagine a child holding the children's book Harris wrote asking her to  autograph it to further propagate the false story about Harris having the government purchase her book to give out as part of gift bags to Undocumented Children at the border.

Or, was it Harris giving herself a high grade, just as Donald Trump would have done if he had made the same trek to Guatemala and said the same things as Harris said.

If ever there was a Politician needing to switch sides, it is Kamala Harris. Harris is a former Prosecuting Attorney, how can this not be obvious to everyone that the Republican Party needs to lure and rescue Harris away from the Democrat Party so we can watch the Dem Party implode, and rather quickly.

Trump / Harris, 2024, here we come!

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