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Saturday, June 19, 2021

How anti vaxxers are being set up to be ruined at any time in the future.

A scene from your future if you decide not to get the COVID-19 vaccine shot???     
A person has been sued, accused of either giving someone else COVID-19 through a contact tracing mafia, or, are simply being discredited as a trustworthy witness because they have not worn a mask in a restaurant, and lied about it. The Defendant has been called to the stand by the prosecution.

"Isn't it true you have openly lied in a public setting, putting dozens of others in danger?"


"Isn't this an image of you going into an Italian Restaurant without a mask?"


"Were you asked if you had been vaccinated?" (a rhetorical question since a restaurant can be shut down if they don't ask).


"And what did you say?"

"I said I had been vaccinated".

"Which was a lie?"

"I was hungry".  (court room erupts in laughter, including the jury).

(Judge pounds gavel). 
Order in the court!

"Infecting others who could then die, because you lied, is that funny to you?"


"So you lied about being vaccinated, endangering everyone in the restaurant, just so you could eat?"


The Jury grimaces in unison.

End of scene.

That's going to look pretty bad, but this could be in your future if you have not been vaccinated and don't wear a mask in ANY indoor setting, whether or not you were asked if you were vaccinated.

As time goes on this could change if enough people develop health problems from being vaxxed, however even that can be spun by the mainstream media into "they would have been worse off without the vax, so they are still ahead".

What makes the "did you get the vaccine shot" question even more ghastly is people who got sick from COVID-19, or were infected and fought if off, cannot get their own COVID-19 card that states, "have been sick from COVID-19, have recovered and now have COVID-19 antibodies as a result."

DailyPUMA suggests people who did not get vaxxed but have tested positive for the COVID-19 antibodies DEMAND their own type of COVID-19 verification / immunity card that states they have COVID-19 antibodies. 

Or, Are we to believe a vaccine creates superior antibodies than the human body naturally creates when the body successfully fights off COVID-19 without any additional assistance from a vaccine?

Lets say the person who is on the witness stand is not being sued by someone who allegedly got COVID-19 from them. Let's say the person is a character witness. The same evidence is shown, the person has to admit they were lying, and the suddenly their character is called into question because they lied so flippantly over whether or not they had received the vaccine "just because they were hungry."

If a person lies about getting the vaccine and they are to appear in court to give testimony the opposing attorney can assassinate their character by proving the person has lied in the past because they were hungry. 

Consider the five following scenarios:

  1. Those who have not gotten sick and have no antibodies, 
  2. Those who have not gotten sick but have the antibodies and are considered     asymptomatic, 
  3. Those who have gotten sick, recovered, and have antibodies, 
  4. Those have gotten the vaccine, 
  5. Those who gotten the vaccine and also have natural anti-bodies prior to getting the vaccine.

There probably are a couple more scenarios I have not presented here, but the point is it appears that only vaccine related scenarios will have legal immunity, that is disconcerting and may become an unfair and inaccurate litmus for deciding if a person is a liar or not.

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