Friday, February 20, 2009

Can MSNBC continue to cover Barack Obama Speeches day after day?

Barack Obama was speaking recently and MSNBC was providing a live feed and I noticed a few "cheerers" in the back of the room that seemed to be obvious plants. How long can MSNBC and Barack Obama continue to sponge off of each other?

Did MSNBC show George Bush live, everyday and everywhere he went? Is it plausible that Barack Obama will continue to make live, daily televised appearances to the merriment of MSNBC? I guess I just can't believe it can keep up for his entire term in office without a backlash occurring.


Anonymous said...

Yes they can. It will be The Obama Show, 24/7. Unless we stop watching. I have! MSNBC doesn't exist.

Logistics Monster said...


completely OT but I find the division between Puma and Not Puma rather disturbing...somewhat like the race card that Bambi pulled to divide the country. I was a PUMA and stopped being a puma when I was informed that PUMAs are only disaffected Liberal Democrats and because I was an Indie I didn't count. I was originally under the impression that it included anyone that would not vote for Bambi. All this division is not good at a time when we need everyone on the same page. Just my humble opinion.

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