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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Time for MEDIA MATTERS to allow people to respond to their propaganda.

(Edit update - Sept.30, 2009) lol, apparently media matters does have a blog. Not once in the time I have received email from them can I recall a blog ever being mentioned, whenever I clicked on their article links, it always takes me to a Media Matters page that has no place to comment)

Media Matters style of slinging out their own version of the truth, but having no place for us every day folk to respond, has kind of become old school, has it not?

I would consider the legitimacy of their points of view more often if I knew we all could at least have an opportunity to add our own comments, in a comments section, at the bottom of their articles, somewhere on the internet.

Isn't it time, Media Matters, to come out of your ivory tower and actually allow people to respond to your viewpoints?

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