Monday, September 7, 2009

Mom PanHandles at off-ramp for Son's Dance Tuition Money.

Years ago I learned the power of standing at a street corner and letting the cars flow by you if you have a message to share. Shelle Curley is collecting up to 45 dollars AN HOUR by standing in the rain collecting donations for her son's future. Apparently Shelle Curley's son won a scholarship to a prestigious dance school, but the scholarship does not cover the entire cost of the tuition.

The internet is an amazing interactive force, but for the non famous, the internet cannot compare with standing on a busy street corner to spread a message, especially if the message is for a worthwhile cause, such as collecting donations for one's own son's tuition.

Could Ms. Curley have done as well collecting money if she had posted about her son on the internet, on blogs, etc? Doubtful.

Click here to go to DJ's Tuition page to see how close they are to reaching their tuition goal.


HOW YOU CAN HELP! MAKE A sign and put it where others will see it. signs can be placed in a storefront window, a bulletin board at work, or a countertop. Raise curiosity and awareness about how Chase Bank is harming a LOT of of their BEST customers by making a sign.


Unknown said...

And if you'd like to doante to this great young man...his website is

Alessandro Machi said...

Hmm, you spell your name the same way as the mom as in this story.

I have this image of a mom in the rain collecting for her son's tuition, with a laptop necklace on so she can blog at the same time.

Now all that is needed is a remote video cam so mom can see the cars on her laptop as they slowdown to give her a donation.

Just don't reach into the laptop screen to accept their donation.


Unknown said...

THe Laptop his my sons....It goes with him to his dorm room...another foot in the mouth!!Please dont judge me without knowing the circumstances. If you have questions jus temail me and I'll answer them. I'm not scamming anyone. I didnt ask for this attention

Alessandro Machi said...

I am not making fun of you. I even made the link to your site a "hot link" so people can just click on it and go there to learn more. I was funning with you about the laptop, that it would make a funny scene, but I think your purpose is solid.

The internet is a place that people spend a lot of time on, but not necessarily a lot of money in, so your method for raising money is probably superior to almost any internet method I can think of, although it is more dangerous as well.

For your own safety you might want to carry one of those airhorn in a can products that makes a real loud sound when you activate it. That way if anyone is too hostile towards you you can use the air can to make a loud sound so others will hear. Here is an example product link, called Airhorn in a can

I think it's neat that you responded. If you want to post updates on how things are going, please feel free to.

Unknown said...

Thaks and I'm sorry ..I have recieved such a back lash and negative input.
WILL keep u updated

Alessandro Machi said...

I'd be curious what people say to you. What percentage do you think are either in favor, donate, or nod, versus give you tough a time?

Any videographers that live near and wouldn't mind putting a wireless microphone on you and recording the conversations with passing motorists would make for a very interesting slice of american life.

I have a suggestion for you.

You should calculate how close you are getting to your goal, and then convert that figure to a percentage.

Then you can provide updates on your sign. Thank you, we're 20% there, we're 40% there, and so on.
It shows that there is a goal to your method and the motorists can monitor the progress, make those who donated feel good as you get closer and closer.

The idea above is a concept that completely escapes Chase Bank, that people want to succeed in paying down their own debts and that others are pleased to be part of helping someone succeed in reaching a financial goal.

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