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Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Proof of the Chicago Elite involving Oprah, Chase Bank, Jamie Dimon & Barack Obama conspiring to steal the 2008 nomination from Hillary Clinton.


This article is not necessarily a huge piece of evidence in the takeover of the democratic party by the Chicago elite, but it is disturbing nonetheless.

Oprah Winfrey holds a nationwide contest and the four prizes are free consultations with a bunch of financial planners from Chase Bank??? Are you kidding me?

NO PRIZE MONEY, JUST A CONSULTATION? What kind of a prize is that? A consulting prize from the richest woman on the planet with no prize money attached?

The Oprah Winfrey / Chase Bank contest was run in 2008. May I ask who was paid to sift through all the applications? What kind of suspicious tax deductions were created by deducting all the hours it took to run a contest that offers no prize money?

What did it cost to create this Oprah Winfrey / Chase Bank contest? What did it then cost to promote the contest, evaluate each and every one of the 9,000 applicants, cull the list down, interview the final 100, cull the list some more, interview the final 10, and then figure out who the final four contest winners would be?

Is it not income tax fraud to deduct thousands upon thousands of dollars in costs for a prize devoid of cash? Isn't this how the ACORN led Barack Obama crowd runs? Bill out time for a suspicious endeavor and then pretend it was actually worth something and use it as a huge tax deduction?

I would guess that deductions were probably flying all over the place on both Oprah Magazine and Chase Bank's part. What if you found out that the total tax deductions reached a million dollars, and that a check for a hundred thousand dollars was then magically donated to ACORN?

I'm just saying what if, I have no proof, but doesn't it just sound like the way things are done among the rich and elite? Create a contest that creates a ton of tax deductions, then trickle down an incredibly meager prize to the "winners", all the while patting themselves on the back for reaching down to the little people.

I believe Oprah Winfrey is a greedy fraud. Yeah she cares, yeah she can put out a good TV show, but the insidious sinisterness of how she colluded with Chase Bank during Barack Obama's 2008 campaign looks like meddling beyond being a talk show host and delving into an area she does not belong.

I believe if someone cracks the books they will find huge cost deductions related to what I think was a sham contest.

So what did it cost to actually put such a contest on? Is it ethical to create a contest that costs a heck of a lot more to run then the worth of the prizes, when the prizes are basically worth nothing more than somebody volunteering a couple hours of their time?

A contest in which the "grand prize" is four women receiving free financial consultation from Chase Bank, are you frickin kidding me? How about Oprah throw in some cash so the Chase Bank "experts" actually have something to discuss with the winners!

Just how many tax deductions were created for a contest that involved no cash going to the "winners"? The Oprah Winfrey contest reminds me of the Arianna Huffington led conference in which women can be told by a man how to live more fulfilling lives.

...Was HuffPo biased toward Obama? After the site reported that Obama said "bitter" working-class Americans "cling to guns or religion," HuffPo co-founder Ken Lerer, who himself said to be unhappy about the story, rushed to talk with angry Obama campaign operatives. That would be the same Lerer who convened a fundraiser for Obama at his apartment the year prior, when he was still CEO of Huffington Post. It's worth at least asking whether the Clinton campaign's accusation that the site was a "conveyor belt" for pro-Obama propaganda was more than mere campaign flackery.Also, why did HuffPo delay covering the latest scandal stories on Democratic politician John Edwards, despite having broken some of the earliest ones?
The linked article about Huffington asks if evidence exists about Huffington's bias, well, yes, and here is the link.

In this instance, Oprah basically pays her staff to run a "contest" that gives four woman ADVICE! FROM CHASE BANK!

How dare these two democratic party saboteurs, Oprah Winfrey and Arianna Huffington, TELL ANYBODY how they should feel when their very own political principles are so shady and shody they actually shot down the first viable female presidential candidate in the history of this country, and probably did it for FINANCIAL GAIN.


Anonymous said...

Strange indeed. Thanks for sharing and for all your hard work.

Dani * *

Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks Dani.

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