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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Chase bank lost a round in court yesterday when the judge ruled that they could not hide change in terms up their butt in the finely embroidered toliet paper embossings and then claim it didn't stink. 

I guess when wallowing in "up your buttness business protocol" on an ongoing basis, it gets hard to tell the difference between clean air and gaseous funk.
But this should be no surprise for Chase Bank president Keith Schuck, who recently stood in front of a group of impressionable fourth graders and explained how if they saved their money at 10 percent interest in a savings account, their money would grow real fast.

The fascinated school children allegedly couldn't wait to get home and tell their parents about 10 percent interest savings at Chase Bank.

The fact that at the time Chase President Keith Schuck used 10% interest savings rate as an example to these impressionable and vulnerable school children while the actual interest rate those schoolchildren's parents could get on their savings account was .01 percent, or TEN THOUSAND TIMES LESS INTEREST THAN what Keith Schuck used as an example has not seemed to cause much concern at Chase Bank, or the media.

Should we be surprised?The lesson Mr. Keith Schuch appears to be teaching is, it is ok to lie and deceive young kids if one is rich and "successful", and is president of a bank.

Meanwhile, Chase bank's name seems to be appearing all over the country in lawsuits being filed against them! I have no idea how many, but there was even one scheduled at the court where I had business to attend to.  I wanted to talk to the attorney for the person suing Chase but they were called into the judges chambers after the case was moved to a federal court!

lol, I never did find the attorney after he disappeared into the backroom, I even waited for an hour but then had to leave.

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