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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kanye West shows how Tuff he is at MTV Awards Show by Sparring against Taylor Swift. Should Kanye West be charged with Assault against Taylor Swift?

I don't like giving added publicity to this type of behavior by Kanye West at the MTV awards Show, but what if this had been a woman going on stage to upstage a man? How would the media have handled that?

Terrifying anybody on stage when they are getting an award is worthy of a huge lawsuit, and in my opinion is ASSAULT. I sure hope Taylor Swift sues Kanye West and MTV, otherwise, MTV and Kanye West win in the publicity department. Here is the article.

I also find it strange that the actual interruption has been conveniently blocked by a cut away to the audience. It makes me wonder if it was staged, or cosmetically covered over after the fact by MTV.

News should not be doctored by inserting cutaways after the fact, show the goof Kanye West walking up on stage, show the actual moment of assault when he grabs the microphone out of Taylor Swift's hands.

Show it, MTV, don't sanitize it you hypocrites.

This video clip is cut off right when the audience started chanting Taylor Swifts name to help re-sanitize the stage after Kanye West fled the scene of his crime.

Props to Beyonce for inviting Taylor Swift back on stage when Beyonce was receiving her own award. Once again, the women behave correctly, the men behave badly.

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