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Monday, December 8, 2008

Supreme Court Will NOT Review Barack Obama's citizenship. Are background checks for becoming president less restrictive than a blue collar job?

In striking down a review of Barack Obama's citizenship, has the supreme court basically stated that the background check criteria for becoming president is lower than applying for and getting a blue collar job?


Anonymous said...

I told you, Alessandro: there was no chance.


The application for stay addressed to Justice Thomas and referred to the Court is denied.

-- Citizen Cane

Alessandro Machi said...

Well, is my point with this topic valid? Does running for president of the United States require less "vetting"
than applying for a job in either the white collar or blue collar world?

Is that acceptable? Is it logical?

Anonymous said...

I figured out what their rationale is and what they are up to- If you care to slog through the 26 pages here or understand my summary from their point of view as how they perceive Obama's lack of NBC status.


The paper on my site deals with both issues. The amending of the nbc requirement for a US President. And the fact they (Congress)are in agreement and intend on joining the "European Union" under the title of the "North American Union" forming another entity, "The Global Union". This process will be called "The New World Order" and will be done in London in April 09'.

They have been weighing for the last four years, the best way to approach accomplishing this task under the radar where citizens are unaware this is happening and most likely the reason for the deliberate bankrupting of our economy. Keeping people occupied at their weakest point just trying to survive with job loss and foreclosures..

The salient point is this... they know there is no agency or regulatory committee existing today that is empowered to question Obama's eligibility.

I've been reading US history all day long and found a way it can be done.

During the First Continental Congress in 1887 a Mr. Brearly was in charge of National Security. After it was finally decided, the electorate would elect the president. They decided to make it official by ratifying the people's vote "The Popular Vote" by assigning Electors from each state that voted.

Brearly was in charge of the electors delegated from the states. It was up to Brearly's commission to ensure not only the delegates were in good standing but the candidates were also.

The exact wording for the process used by Brearly has been wiped from the internet. Someone like Berg would have to read his (the)original papers (in Philadelphia) recalling that commission into being using the authority of that commission as the power WITH STANDING to force Obama to prove he is a NBC...

I think it can be done. It sure as hell would wipe the smiles off the grinning SCOTUS' faces!

Alessandro Machi said...

I'm starting to think there is an intentional bankrupting of the consumer going on. I have commented on various blogs about my credit card debt solution, and on the really big blogs such as the consumerist and the big picture, they actually either ignore or clip my comments so the solution is not exposed.

The consumerist (owned by Gawker) had an article about college credit card debt. I offered a very helpful solution for college kids on how to avoid going in debt. (Pay four times the minimum due on their credit cards, once they can no longer afford to pay four times the monthly minimum due, they have reached the threshold of debt they can afford). The Consumerist WILL NOT print my suggestion on their blog.

My comments were actually cut in half on "the big picture", an economic blog listed on this page. They cut off my comment on a solution for consumer credit card debt. I even tried to re add the cut off part of my comment and they wouldn't post it.

One current solution to the worldwide economic woes is to allow consumers to pay down their existing credit card debt INTEREST FREE. As the debt is paid down, new credit is made available, but the new credit requires a higher monthly minimum payment of four times what it currently is. What this idea does is minimize the impact of the insufferable credit card interest rate while teaching the consumer how much debt they can actually afford to build up.

Why do you think the bank got all that money from the government and the automotive giants are getting beans? Not because they are private business, it is because debt is the way that our society controls it's people. Tricking people into huge debt is a weapon our own government is not willing to give up.

Barack Obama may be a tool to help create acceptance that economic times are going to get really bad. It will be harder for minorities to riot with a black president as the economy intentionally worsens.


Anonymous said...

Alessandro Machi wrote: “Well, is my point with this topic valid? Does running for president of the United States require less “vetting””

Alessandro, he has been thoroughly and officially background checked by FBI (and undoubtedly also by CIA) already as a Senator, but you don’t want to accept any information outside "your" blogosphere that doesn’t match to your theory or intents.

Dimmi che cazzo e tutto questo, Alessandro?!

Anonymous said...

to the above comment

- Citizen Cane

Anonymous said...

I believe that the God’s providence has guided hands of the Framers when writing the Constitution, as well as that He granted our prayers by sending us Leo Donofrio.

In fact Leo knows about his role for a long time:


“I am not Lee D'onofrio or Burnweed.

Those are names of the body I have used as a spacesuit to appear here before you on planet Earth.

My real name is The Paraclete. And Reni IS The Messiah. The Paraclete aka The Spirit of Truth, aka The Holy Spirit is the third person of Trinity. As Jesus stated in the Gospel of John, he has sent me to condemn Satan and glorify the Messiah.

The Holy Spirit concept derives from the word "Paraclete" which translates as "advocate" or "lawyer." I am a lawyer, God's lawyer. They never told you "he" would come as a man; they lied about me denying me a place in the world of men. But Jesus made it clear he would send a man.”

Alessandro Machi said...

If the FBI and CIA have vetted Barack Obama already, then the Supreme court is taking a step backwards by saying Barack does not have to "show his papers" without mentioning vetting by the FBI and CIA as reasons why.

Secondly, has the FBI or CIA ever actually invalidated a politicians standing?

Anonymous said...

Alessandro, sorry but SC didn’t say anything. As Donofrio wrote in his blog “My application was denied. The Honorable Court chose not to state why.”

About FBI background checking (CIA is only presumed): it supposed to be done “on time”, thus you wouldn’t even know about invalidation.

-- Citezen cane

SadStateOfAffairs said...

Hi Alessandro,

Please check your PM at www.hillarysvillage.net.


Anonymous said...

"If the FBI and CIA have vetted Barack Obama already, then the Supreme court is taking a step backwards by saying Barack does not have to "show his papers" without mentioning vetting by the FBI and CIA as reasons why."

The SC is denying anone the right to qualify Obama with the reason:"They Don't Have Standing" meaning...they don't have the authority..

"Secondly, has the FBI or CIA ever actually invalidated a politicians standing?"

Not that I've ever heard of..

Alessandro Machi said...

How ironic that the Blagojevich case hits the news just hours after I posted the FBI vetting question up above. The difference is that Blaogjevich was already elected and it was his behavior in office that led to his being arrested.

The Supreme court is leaving an annoying hole in how a candidate is vetted, maybe they will rectify that in the near future.

CalifGirlInMaine said...

The same day that SCOTUS denied Donofrio's case, another case brought by Cort Wrotnowski, almost identical to Donofrio's but better written and with a cleaner history, was referred for conference on 12/12. So, SCOTUS has NOT refused to review Obama's citizenship and/or eligibility for presidency. The story is not yet over.

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