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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rachel Maddow's very special Thanksgiving Message, I kid you not.

I am flabbergasted. MSNBC roasted Sarah Palin for being interviewed while Thanksgiving Turkeys were being killed in the background. Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow gave a blessing over the image of the dead turkey below!
Can somebody explain why the pseudo intellectal Maddow can give a Thanksgiving day blessing on prime time television over the image of a headless roasted turkey and actually believe that this is somehow more "acceptable" than what Sarah Palin did???

If the Turkey pictured above was the same turkey being "prepped" during Sarah Palin's interview, would someone explain to me how Palin's interview was "worse" than what Maddow did? I think they are the same thing, and therefore you either accept BOTH, or you condemn both. Maddow's words over the picture of the roasted, DEAD, Turkey... "It is the night before Thanksgiving and even now we have many blessings to count" - Rachel Maddow.


morninmist said...

Maddow and her kind are stupid. And they are hypocrites. They have this blessing because someone killed the turkey. get it boys and girls on democraticunderground?? No of course not!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ok, let's take this metaphor a bit further, shall we?

When McCain gave his acceptance speech, there were images of a cemetery. That has dead soldiers in it. That's apparently the exact same thing as showing images of American troops being shot in combat. Right? Same thing. Dead in one picture, dead in the other. Turkey having its head removed. Prepared turkey for dinner. Looks the same to me.

The difference is one is a prepared food, which I'll guess most of you all will eat today, and the other is a very different act altogether.

Unless everyone here is a vegetarian, you eat meat that has most likely been sent to a commercial slaughterhouse. Do you enjoy watching videos of the slaughter? Is that the same as looking at a picture of a cooked meal, be it a turkey, a steak, or any other meat?

Alessandro Machi said...

I am having trouble tracking your analogy, it is a very interesting analogy, but I would slightly change it.

First we see soldiers "from the other side" being killed, then the conquering side is seen at the funeral site of the men they killed, having a picnic with their families. (I am not advocating this, just suggesting that this makes the analogy slightly more accurate than it already is.).

In the Turkey example, it is about how we view the same turkey differently from the slaughterhouse versus being on the dinner table.

The media condemns Sarah Palin for being "oblivious" to what is visible in the background while she is being interviewed, but they themselves use imagery of a baked, headless turkey like the picture posted in this article and associate it with feeling "blessed".

To the Media and Rachel Maddow, either condemn both the slaughterhouse and the turkey dinner, or condemn neither.

In Rachel Maddow's world, and Olbermann's world, all they ever do is pick at the same side, over and over. Not even Fox News does that.

Alessandro Machi said...

In case you would like to bump up this story on Topix, it probably helps promote PUMA to a larger audience.


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