Daily PUMA Column - Commentary by Alessandro Machi

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Hunter Biden and his laptop and Los Angeles City council members caught on tape, both attempt to search out their whistleblowers and either charge them with a crime or sue them!

When I was a lifetime Democrat, I always felt that it was Democrats who supported Whistle blowers. Apparently new age Democrat Politicians only believe in whistle blowing when the whistle blows against Republican politicians or Republican allies.  

But now a new issue emerges involving those who try and evade their own crimes or misdeeds while being enriched by Government wages and access. Laws have been passed throughout the U.S. in which any alleged suspecgt who then harms others while trying to escape from their own crime scene, can be charged with additional crimes.

So just what is Hunter Biden and a small cluster of Los Angeles City Council members thinking?  both Biden and Los Angeles City council members want to sue or criminalize whistle blowers for exposing their private acts that were not in accordance with U.S. Laws and Regulations.

The irony is both Hunter Biden and three Los Angeles City Council members were Politically immersed and were either receiving enrichment or poised to be enriched because of their outside of the law activities. So while a search warrant is needed to search a person's home, why should whistleblowers be "brought to justice" by Politically driven litigants for copying data that exposes plans, agendas or deeds for personal enrichment?

This would be like a suspect who is trying to evade a crime scene suing anyone who tried to stop them or causes them not to get away with their illicit activities!

Of course, it's just not as simple as I am claiming it is. The elephant in the room is why not just record Politicians and family members of Politicians at all times. If they have done nothing wrong, then they have nothing to worry about, and if they have done something wrong, then they deserve what they have coming to them. The problem with that rationalization is the snooper has no reason to NOT document or copy data of a second party as long as the party being snooped is a celebrity or politician.

Digging deeper there is a distinction with a difference when comparing Hunter Biden and the Los Angeles City Council trio with other snooping scenarios. In the case of Hunter Biden, Hunter left his lap top at the store for quite a while. Eventually the store owner has a right to copy the data just to protect themselves against any accusation that might suddenly transpire because time has lapsed. Biden could claim the store owner purposely held onto the lap top, and without any evidence of what was done, the store owner could be put in a bad situation. As for the City Council members, they were on city property conducting city business and the people have a right to know how they think behind closed doors.


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