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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Late arriving mail in ballots, the new normal that is not normal.

Lost among all the controversy over 2020 ballot counting was the Post Office refusing to honor their subpoena's to appear in court regarding strange goings on related to ballot deliveries made by the Post Office. There was the apartment address that did not exist where dozens of ballots were dropped off. There was someone driving around with dozens of ballots that didn't belong to them. Discarded ballots, duplicate ballots, and so on.

All of these scenarios appear related to the delivery of ballots by the Post Office. 99% of all Postal Employees can be as honest as anyone on the planet, it only takes a few Union Loyalists who hated Trump (and they had their reasons based on Post Office Budget cuts) and unwitting Postal carriers being given blank ballots falsely obtained to deliver, to harvested ballots delivered by unsuspecting postal carriers to voting centers with no knowledge they were delivering ballots not signed by the voter the ballot was addressed to.

One thing I never saw over the mainstream media gaslighting hyperbole regarding possible ballot fraud was actually showing a ballot from when it was received at a voting center all the way through the final step. I did read about people in cubicles who would batch upload the paper ballots tallies to a central voting location, and that the batch uploaders had some type of mysterious power to "determine" if a ballot had been properly filled out. There were allegations that a ballot batch uploader, who worked alone in their own cubicle,  could "correct" voting errors.

During a 60 minutes interview immediately after the 2020 elections, the head of the 2020 Voting Security, Christopher Krebbs, admitted there were some voting discrepanices on the day of the election but that they did not involve outside forces from other countries manipulating the vote totals. Ok, so instead of China, Russia, Germany, or Venezuela affecting the vote, Mr. Krebbs appeared to be admitting the cubicle people could have sway over vote totals.

How much time did the mainstream media devote to investigating either the Post Office's role in how ballots were delivered or how much influence the cubicle people had when tallying vote totals? How about ZERO.

Vote tampering stories seemed to always focus on the number of paper ballots being input equaling the number of paper ballots that were submitted with little research regarding all the steps that occur before the ballot actually being tabulated.

The news stories always focus on legitimate paper ballot tallies. The conversion process of provisional ballots to legitimate paper ballots is never discussed.

There are claims that some precincts had more votes than voters, an issue that also was never really addressed.

And then there are the ballots that arrive days after the actual day of voting that are not being inspected. Trailing Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Karen Bass received 160,000 votes AFTER polls had closed while Rick Caruso received only 98,000 mail in ballots, catapulting Bass to a come from behind vote to determine the two Mayoral Candidates.

The problem with not scrutinizing where the Postal Delivered Ballots are coming from is all other vote tallies have already been counted and made public so it is KNOWN how much a candidate is trailing by BEFORE mail in ballots stream in for several days after the election. 

I asked the County Registrar how many mail in ballots came in on a day by day basis after the Los Angeles Primary Mayoral Race had ended, and they had now answer because they were not tabulating daily mail in ballots received after the voting polls had officially closed.

Are we to believe that it is impossible to back date a mail in ballot? Did the Mainstream News Media ever cover the possibility of back dating mail in ballots? 

Is it really so impossible to simply add a couple of boxes worth of additional ballots to a vehicle that is delivering the votes to a voting center after the final voting day to ensure the right candidate wins, and to do this day after day since mail in ballots can arrive up to a week after the last day to vote has occurred?

Why do ballots trickle in up to a week after the postmark date? Seems that with just a bit of effort one truck could be assigned to each city to pick up all ballots from the ballot boxes and bring them straight in to the voting centers.

As for those who use the actual post office to mail their ballots, why not do a straight delivery to the Voting center, why does it take up to a week for ballots to arrive at the voting center? 

In Los Angeles, we may see Rick Caruso with a 75,000 vote lead at the end of election day that magically gets cut into as mail in ballots stream in for up to a week after the polls close until suddenly Karen Bass wins the Mayoral election by 10,000 votes.

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