Monday, January 17, 2022

COVID gut, Flu gut, and Virus gut have been ignored for the first 2 years of the Gutdemic.

If you have excess belly fat you may have COVID gut, Flu gut, or Virus gut. While a vaccine may help reduce your chance of getting COVID-19, fat gut may mean you have to keep taking new vaccines as new strains of COVID come out.

This Nobel Peace Prize winning virologist discusses fat gut and its role in COVID-19. I already started my fat gut reduction diet when I discovered this article but for me it reaffirms my beliefs. I personally created a diet that works great for me. Although I have only lost four pounds so far, none of it is water loss and it is all from my gut and I already feel a lot better.

For just 100 dollars I will send you my secret COVID-gut diet. 

KIDDING! Here it is. I start my day by drinking at least 2 eight ounce glasses of water in the morning. This does several good things. It washes out any toxins that may have built up from the day before. The 2 glasses of water keep me from feeling hunger pangs. When I do eat my first meal some time after the noon hour I am not thirsty so I am not co mingling fluids with the eating or digesting of my meal, yet I am already well hydrated from having my morning water.

My second meal is several hours later, and that is it, I basically substituted one meal for at least 2 full glasses of water (not necessary to take them at the same, I space them out). As people age, too much water becomes less water than at a younger age so know your limits when it comes to drinking water because the heart doesn't pump as strongly the older we get. Drinking too much water can be dangerous among the elderly.

Although I have only lost four pounds so far, I can tell it is all from my gut and none of it is water loss because I am drinking two glasses in the morning of water, plus another two glasses throughout the day, but never during or within two to three hours after eating.

Sadly, people with too much belly fat have been the unwitting troops of Government Vaccine regulators who like to point out how only drug and vaccine care can save the humans and that a fat, vaccine compliant human is to be lauded while a healthy, non overweight, non vaccinated human is the devil; when it is possible that food care, health care, and fat care also matter just as much, and maybe more, than if one is vaccinated or not.

Our Government's Vax centric mentality is so tunnel visioned that nobody knows how fat gut works to make someone vulnerable to COVID-19. It may be possible that a person does not even have to lose all of their fat gut to fight off future attacks of COVID-19, but what might be certain is losing some belly fat could make a big difference.

To reiterate, it's not just the drinking of water that can help one lose belly fat, it is strategically separating drinking water with eating and then separating drinking water with the digestion of the food that makes the water before noon diet work so well.

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