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Monday, September 27, 2021

Texas Abortion law fraught with inconsistencies.

The 2021 Texas Abortion Law did not go far enough. Since a man's sperm is required to create a circumstantial situation where an Abortion may be desired, all men who are the direct cause of an Abortion or the desire to get an abortion should be DNA identified and logged into a database of men who create unwanted pregnancies.
Additionally, all men who produce fertile sperm should be required to take an in person class educating them that there is no such thing as free sex with a woman who is fertile.

If the purpose of the Texas Abortion law is to stigmatize Abortion, and therefore penalize those who have abortions, then the men who created the situation for the Abortion should be equally identified  DNA databased and financially penalized so woman can review who to watch out for in the future.

If the Man wanted the pregnancy to come to term, and duly states so, they would go into a different DNA data base, one that states Father is willing to accept financial responsibility for Unwanted Pregnancy. 

And to ensure the Father is not just taking the easy way out, the Father would be required to pay monthly child care payments even if the child is aborted, the 18 year's worth of proceeds assisting orphans and single family homes instead.

If you are a guy and you think the above is outrageous, probably at least some women out there would say to you is....F.U., literally.

Men should either Man up and stay out of the issue of abortion, or, for those Men who choose to have a voice against Abortion, take financial responsibility for wanting their voice heard for all unwanted pregnancies regardless of whether or not the fetus is aborted.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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