Insured and Secured 8% Annual return Investment opportunity

Insured and Secured 8% Annual return Investment opportunity
Not a scam, only three are available.

Friday, July 2, 2021

Why I am offering an 8% Annual Interest Rate that is both insured and backed up by a future Reverse Mortgage.

In as few words as possible, I can save $40,000 if I wait 2 years and 2 months to do a reverse mortgage versus doing one right now. I would like to share that $40,000 dollars savings with a few investors by offering a generous 8% annual return with a quarterly dividend. If an investor of mine were to find another 8% offer out there (probably won't), one could take their quarterly dividend and reinvest and increase their annual return to around 8.4%.
I can happily discuss how this once in a lifetime situation has arisen, but let's do it by phone so I can keep this article brief. On the phone you can interrupt or ask me to repeat something to fully understand. It is not complicated. If you want a paper trail, we can email back and forth. I have nothing to hide and abundance to share.

 I am offering an annual 8% return, a quarterly dividend, and the original investment amount GUARANTEED to be paid back by Oct.  05, 2023.

Meanwhile, Banks are paying 0.6% for their savings accounts, a somewhat questionable way of motivating their customers to invest in their Stock Market offerings from their bank locations THAT ARE NOT GUARANTEED and have RISK (read the fine print in case you thought otherwise).

But back to me. I have capped the total investment opportunity at $150,000 to ensure an excellent LTV so that your investment is guaranteed to be returned by Oct. 05, 2023. If you call and I don't answer, you will hear a cheerfully demented message from me proving my trustworthiness. Ok, it won't do that but it will alert me that you have called. I do not have caller Id so if you do not leave a number, we will both be forlorn and sad.

sincerely,  Alessandro Machi

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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