Monday, April 12, 2021

The Police could reduce shooting deaths of suspects who try to get back in their car, by getting into the car first.

Suspects who feel fear and try to flee the scene of a Police stop may, or may not be a threat to the police or the public at large. No one knows the true intent of the fleeing suspect. The problem for Police is they cannot just let someone flee the scene just because the suspect is afraid.  

If a fleeing suspect gets in their car and races away and crashes into another car, a pedestrian, or a building, the Police can be sued by whomever the suspect victimized since the victims can sue that they were needlessly injured, or worse.

It may be time for Police policy to change. Upon a suspect exiting from their own vehicle one of the Police Officers should immediately sit in the driver's seat of the car and observe the encounter from that vantage point. This does several positive things all at the same time.  
  • the suspect accepts they can no longer use their car to "getaway".
  • the suspect also realizes that once the Police Officer vacates the car, they are free to leave and cannot be fired upon.
  • the suspect's willingness to leave their car for the encounter can be cited in a favorable way should a court appearance to required.
A suspect who feels an overwhelming sense of fear may instinctually gravitate back to their own car. If a Police Officer is in the driver's seat observing the suspect approaching, the suspect will see they are surrounded on more than one side and will most likely not try and occupy a space that is already occupied. If the suspect does try, then they are assaulting a Police Officer rather than attempting to get away, and a shooting at that point is much more justified, yet probably less likely.

If there are others in the car an assessment has to be made before the Police Officer places themselves inside the car such. Back-up would need to called before the Police Office enters the suspect's car.

If Fleeing the Scene is going to be meant with deadly fire, then the Police must provide an intermediate step that more likely prevents the suspect from attempting to get back in their car. 

The Police occupying the driver's seat is clearly an option that needs to be considered and most likely implemented sooner rather than later since the alternative is leading to riots and massive destruction of property of those who have done nothing wrong.

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1 comment:

Bob Harrison said...

You need pass this up the food chain to law enforcement. Seems a reasonable idea.

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