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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Pelosi Plan to Impeach Trump will Demoralize Republican Voters into not voting for the next TWO Presidential Cycles.

If Republicans cave and vote for impeachment of Donald Trump, they will have in essence burned down their own return path to the Presidency for the next EIGHT YEARS! 

If Trump is impeached and therefore cannot run for President again, it will disenfranchise tens of millions of Republican Voters whether or not Trump decides to run in 2024, thus giving the Democrats a pathway to an 8 year Presidential Path.  

The Democrats plan to Prematurely Euthanize millions of Seniors while simultaneously opening the door for tens of millions of undocumented to stream into the U.S. and receive Instant entitlements  meant for Seniors spent decades working to EARN their own entitlements.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.


LAStateofMind said...

How grand that the idiot who would post such an inflammatory and completely false claim would then ask readers to sign a debt neutrality petition. It isn’t even funny how predictable republicans would be after four years of handing trump a blank check that now they’ll be demanding fiscal conservation. Makes my vote for the two new Georgia senators that much more rewarding knowing that republicans won’t be able to hold him and the rest of the country back from what is best for our economy after four years of total disregard of an honorable economic policy.

Alessandro Machi said...

The Debt Neutrality Petition has been an idea of mine going back 10 years or longer, I have lost count. It is a compromise idea in which interest is no longer charged so that all payments made on a debt go completely towards paying down the principle. This way a debtor does not get a free lunch while lenders don't perpetually engorge themselves off of those who make payments but never make a dent in what they owe.

Jennifer K Robert said...

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