Friday, November 3, 2017

DailyPUMA revisits Donna Brazile's email comments with Taylor Marsh from 2008.

DailyPUMA went to the blog Hillary-Wins, also by Alessandro Machi, to reveal what Donna Brazile was saying in 2008 about the Clintons in her emails with Taylor Marsh.

Amazing how Donna Brazile "saved their asses" (The Clintons  asses), and when you talk to a conservative, they will tell you that it was the Republican congress that made the 90's great, not the Clintons.

It's truly a sad state of affairs for the Moderates from both parties because of their loonier counterparts known as Neo cons and Progressives.

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Bob said...

Wow! That was some revealing stuff. So Donna was in fact grinding her axe. I always thought she played a large role in denying Clinton the nomination in 08 and now I'm sure of it. Thanks, brother, that's some good info.

Alessandro Machi said...

Lets not forget that Brazile ran Gore's 2000 campaign and decided AGAINST asking for Bill Clinton's support. She lost, yet somehow Brazile expected to be a bigger cog in the DNC than the Clintons who up until Obama's term had been the only 2 term Democrat President since World War II.
Brazile in my opinion is battling narcissism issues which would be par for the course if she were an actual political candidate, but to be a behind the scenes political manipulator with narcissism issues is quite the scary combo. My next article will expose the blatant stupidity running rampant among Move on Dot Org, The Young Turks, Bernie Sanders and his supporters, and Donna Brazile.

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