Saturday, February 14, 2009

John Ziegler's Documentary, "Media Malpractice", Good News, Bad News?

I have mixed feelings about John Ziegler's documentary "Media Malpractice", primarily because it has not been released yet and I don't know what is in it.

(Edit update - Hey, RumpRoast gave my opening line an award. Probably deserved too. lol, I still haven't seen the video as of Oct. 19th, 2009, but I do want to.)

Here are my hopes about Media Malpractice. Mr. Ziegler was really able to demonstrate how the media and the democratic party worked against Hillary Clinton to give the race to Barack Obama, and that Hillary Clinton will end up looking like the real winner who was literally robbed of the democratic nomination by the united but unethical actions from several different, but connected sources.

Here are my concerns. The film is going to focus more on Sarah Palin and less on Hillary Clinton. My second concern is that Mr. Ziegler's use of PUMA blogs for critical information may have been underutilized or under acknowledged. For now, the above is speculation, it will be interesting to see what made it into Mr. Ziegler's final cut and if any PUMAs or PUMA blogs get credited.

However, the strange thing is it may not matter whether PUMA's are credited or not in Mr. Ziegler's documentary. If PUMA's are credited, that could feel very validating and somewhat empowering. If PUMA's are not credited, yet Mr. Ziegler comes up with his own examples of media bias that favored Barack Obama over all others, this will further validate PUMA talking points about the 2008 primaries and beyond.

I think the media, led by Keith Olbermann, definitely excreted a form of georacism against the state of Alaska and Sarah Palin. Part of the reason this georacism was accepted was because Alaska is comprised of primarily white people. According to the media, white peopl can't be the victim of georacism, especially when it is the media slinging the disparaging remarks, Keith Olbermann, take a bow.

The cynical side in me thinks the doc will be more about Sarah Palin because Palin is more likely a shooting star still rising and therefore there is more to gain by sucking up to the future rather than setting the past straight. I do hope I'm wrong.

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Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

I have the video and have watched it once, so far.

The Primaries are covered and Hillary is given some attention. But, not nearly the amount that Sarah gets. This is not surprising for two reasons:

1) Zeigler is a Conservative

2) Many Conservative (most?) ignored the Dem Primaries, because they were involved in the McCain/Romney/Huck contest. And because they just expected Hillary to triumph.

All in all, I give the Zeigler film a thumbs up. Though there are times when it rises to the level of hyperbole.

The interviews with Sarah Palin are far superior to the ones Katie Couric did .. and for that reason... I recommend it. Sarah *is* an up and coming. We, as Americans, ought to know what she is about.... even if the MSM refuses to cover it.

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