Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It Appears the Best Man for the Job was a Woman, Barack Obama's Daschle Mistake was actually preempted by Nancy Killefer's Decision to step down.

Barack Obama offers Nancy Killefer a newly created position called "federal government's chief performance officer", and she realizes the way to get chief performance is for her to resign because of past payroll tax issues.

Tom Daschle, who was nominated to head the Department of Health and Human Services, resigns shortly thereafter.

Barack Obama apologizes for not doing a better job of "vetting" Mr. Daschle. Barack Obama's supporters laud Barack's honesty and willingness to take the blame.

Are we to believe that Mr. Daschle was not properly vetted? Really? Or, is it more reasonable to assume that Barack Obama knew about the tax issue, felt it was not that big of a deal, and went ahead with his selection of Tim Daschle? If that is the case, then that means it took the bravery of Nancy Killefer resigning to get Mr. Daschle to see the light and resign as well.

Do I really have to listen to Barack Obama supporters once again cheer Barack Obama for his willingness to take the hit even as they ignore nor thank Nancy Killefer for her willingness to step down before the payroll tax issue grew in scope?


I wonder if the issue here is not that laws are being broken, but that these politicians seek to move upward with their careers without apologizing first, and then waiting to see if public opinion will forgive them before they go into the upgrade pool.


commoncents said...

Great post here!!

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Alessandro Machi said...

Nice site. We do like Hillary Clinton here. I didn't go back far enough to see how you covered here. Dare I?

Anonymous said...

Seems like an invisible hand is sweeping away all the deadwood!

Alessandro Machi said...

that is funny.

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