Multiple Civil Rights Violations by ER and First Responders leads to her passing 2 and 1/2 days later. She was my mother, I was her CareGiver.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Democrats Can't Swallow their Smug Pride and may Repeat their 2016 Mistakes in 2020.

Didn't Democrats learn anything from 2016? 

Recent Polls show around 50% support for the Wall. Just as in 2016 when polls were being taken regarding Hillary Clinton's popularity, that 50% includes California. Remove California from the Poll and the rest of the Country is probably around 60% for the Wall.

Why not count California? Because California is Bi-Polar Hypocritical.  

Teachers ready to strike in Los Angeles because class sizes are too large, yet Politicians, Celebrities and Unions bristle over the very discussion of a Wall, the two issues ARE connected.

Governor wants to provide Healthcare for all, and have no Wall, even though having a Wall might actually make Healthcare for all more of a possibility.

After Trump was elected, California Politicians such as Jerry Brown openly mocked Trump over budgetary issues, even though the Budget Surplus California garnered was directly attributable to the First year Trump was in office and the Stock Market Surge. Plus, California knows how to Gaslight its Seniors in a myriad of ways, all of which is saving the State Money even if Seniors are suffering as a result.

I'm starting to wonder if California is under Russian Control. There are just too many inconsistencies and hypocrisies to keep track of. Going forward, the only polls that Democrats should care about are the ones that exclude California, that is the only way to know what will win in 2020, and what won't.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Newly Elected Governor Gaslight of California proposes No Wall, Healthcare For All, Gaslighting of Seniors to Follow.

California has become the Bi-Polar State of the Union. Most of the Celebrities, ALL of the Unions, the Media, and our youth overwhelmingly hate Trump and the Wall, and they don't particularly like older people as well. Even Hillary Clinton has abandoned people of her own generation so she can vicariously live through the youth oriented "Resist" Movement.

The Hypocrisy of Rich, Older Famous people being for Gaslighting of Seniors speaks for itself. It's the ultimate Narcissistic Adventure. Similar to the dreaded Vampire, the Older Rich and Successful get to stay young, not by sucking the blood of the youth, but by Gaslighting Seniors who are not famous. The Gaslighter's reward is they get to hobnob with the younger crowd while feeling young again by helping to assist in the transfer of funds from the old to the young every time a Senior or Baby Boomer is Gaslighted by the System.

Hillary Clinton has always been the one having to crash someone else's party, usually a Man's Party. I believe that for a few decades Hillary Clinton was damned no matter what she did. If she tried to fit into a Man's world, she was criticized for being cruel to woman, if she backed off and was more humane, she was deemed a woman who was not strong enough to do a man's job in Government.

When the time FINALLY came to break the mold and be her own person, she chose to abandon her Moderate, Aging Base in favor of the younger, Resist, crowd.

Now Governor Gaslight in California will Propose "No Wall, Healthcare for All". This is also code for, "we will increase Gaslighting of Seniors and Baby Boomers so we can provide enough healthcare for Wall Busters. Gaslighting is a method in which people who have concerns about how they are being treated by another or an institution are just not listened to. They are made to feel like what they think they think, is just an illusion. Gaslighting gains a foothold wherever Police Investigation and Enforcement against Gaslighting practices are abandoned. 

Our Veterans were and have been gaslighted for decades. As more and more programs come online to help Veterans, someone else has to take their place in the Gaslighting realm of our society, that's just how Government Math works.

It is easier for Liberal Majority California to call Conservatives Racists and glom on to the young vote, than it is to stare Gaslighting, which can affect anyone, in the face and actually use Law Enforcement dollars to Fight back against Gaslighting. But since Gaslighting Techniques are used by the Government more than anyone will ever admit to, Law Enforcement has to look the other way since they receive no financial support from the Government to Combat Gaslighting of Seniors and Baby Boomers.

To those of you who revere Baby Boomers, Baby Boomer parents, and parents of Baby Boomers, the next time a Baby Boomer or Senior you know who you thought was happy and healthy, has an episode that requires hospitalization, and they suddenly pass, you may discover they were Gaslighted out of existence by a super minority of ER and Hospital Nurses strategically placed who are probably following someone else's orders regarding using accepted, legalized, Gaslighting protocol to accelerate the Demise of the Elderly. 
  • Gaslighting a Senior creates significant financial gain for the State of California, and even the Federal Goverment so why spend even a dollar Investigating and enforcing EMTALA laws designed to stop Gaslighting in the ER when 
  • both the State and Federal government can instead fine Hospitals, 
  • reduce Medicare Payouts to the Hospitals as a penalty for Gaslighting, 
  • while also removing a senior from Social Security, 
  • and also removing that Senior from the Medicare system. 
  • The ONLY way, the ONLY way, to prevent Gaslighting of Seniors and Baby Boomers is by having the Police Investigate allegations of EMTALA violations that occur in the ER and our Hospitals. Police backed EMTALA violation Investigations are NEVER done.
I witnessed first hand the Gaslighting of my own Mother and myself in the ER by an ER Nurse. The Gaslighting actions were so dark and it was done so seamlessly it took me almost 10 months to learn what I witnessed was Extreme Gaslighting by an ER Nurse in a life or death situation regarding my Mother that was instead treated as if nothing more than sleep was required for my Mother's well being. That's how treacherous and easily lethal Gaslighting is. Just don't acknowledge a life threatening situation exists, which means the medical record won't show it either, and then send the patient home to die.
Think about that for a moment, I tell the Nurse I have been my Mother's caregiver for the past 10 years and my Mother has been showing signs of pneumonia for the past several days at home, and that my Mother she has just now started wheezing while in her ER bed, and the Nurse REFUSES to do any testing that would reveal the pneumonia and instead states that all Mom needs is rest, at home. And this went on for an hour until things got really bad and a fraudulent HIPAA violation was used to then call a Code Gray on me for doing what, for documenting the refusal of the ER Nurse to treat or acknowledge my Mother's wheezing, and then things got even worse.
Is it Fair to Call our new California Governor, Governor Gaslight so soon into his term? Of course not. Is it fair to have never once been approached by anyone in government or anyone who purports to be a difference maker about all that I have experienced, learned, researched and and shared over the past 10 years of writing this blog. Probably not. But I understand, to a degree. Writing over a thousand blog articles does not guarantee anyone anything. However, the evidence that California has become the Bi-Polar State is already in and it is daunting. 
  • California Teachers are ready to strike for a pay raise AND MUCH, MUCH smaller classroom sizes. 
  • California Zoning laws do not limit the number of people living in a home, 
  • California has become a State that demands no borders yet is unable to actually manage the result of no borders, 
  • too many people hidden in unseen places who require more services,
  • who get sick more often because of the higher density living quarters, 
  • requiring the shifting of services from life time Baby Boomer and Senior Citizen Taxpayers over to expanding populations from lack of a wall which is being masked by those who have lived here for decades and are now moving out of California, 
  • all while calling "Wall wanting Conservative policies" racist 
  • As California cannot accommodate a growing morass of California Bi-Polar budget conflicts that internally sound fiscally conservative in nature while publicly posturing that Trump is the problem.
Now we have a Governor set to create new policies that WILL Gaslight Seniors and Baby Boomers, hence the name, Governor Gaslight.

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Border Wall turning into a Win / Lose / Win proposition for Undocumenteds, Courtesy of the Democrat Progressives.

The Recent avalanche of Undocumented's to the US Border is becoming a Lotto Opportunity, thanks to Democrat Progressives and their wins in the House of Representatives.

Apparently some were paid to make the initial trip to the Border. But it turns out, getting to the Border means one is not only in the News, but if one is not treated like a U.S. Citizen, then there will be hell to pay in the Media and by Progressive Politicians.
These are pictures of my 91 year old mother. I took her to the ER because she had pneumonia. The ER Nurse refused to acknowledge my Mother's pneumonia and BLATANTLY broke EMTALA laws in the process. My Mother died as a direct result of the ER Nurse's mistreatment of her, and the Nurse was able to psychologically terrorize me, a technique called Gaslighting. I bring this up because it has now been almost 10 months since criminal behavior in the ER transpired that directly led to the death of my Mother, and there has been no investigation despite my repeated pleadings to lawyers, law enforcement and government officials.
But to be the parent of a child, a child who should not have been taken to the border, if the child dies, that parent now has legal representation and the attention of a nation ready to blame Donald Trump for their Child's death.

Age is something that is misunderstood. It just does not matter the age of a person when determining their "value" to society, what matters is, is some one there for them, helping them be who they can be, In that sense my Mother was truly still 20 years old. 

When my Mother turned 90 I sang her Happy Birthday and said to her, "Ten more years"! There was a prolonged moment of silence from my Mother, and in Italian she very jubilantly said, "Vente"! That means 20 more years. That is what matters. Mom liked living and had finally realized she was not going to be left alone, and that pleased her.

The less attention we give to seniors, the more this country will divide. It's not just about Social Security and Medicare, it's about knowing that the life of a Senior who still wants to live, matters. When other members of the senior's family want them to live as well, how can we under value that as a nation?

Right now I have been told in no uncertain terms that a senior can be abused while in the care of Medical Personnel and no criminal investigation will be conducted of the Medical Personnel directly responsible for the Harm and Death of a senior, such as what happened to my Mother. Unless of course it was a family member or a thug off the street who did the harm, then that would be investigated. Apparently Law Enforcement will not Investigate EMTALA violations in the ER caused by an ER Nurse, no matter how egregious their actions were.

Do you really have to wait until it happens to your own parent before you "get it". The Border News "vacuums" other news events that are also affecting Americans who are already in the U.S.  There should be room for both stories.

And therein lies the problem, just how much attention should the Border be getting while Americans all over the U.S struggle and the Media and the Legal Profession continues to look the other way, towards the Border.

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Nancy Pelosi wants to Negotiate directly with Russia and Bypass Donald Trump, why that may not work.

Nancy Pelosi is planning on bypassing Donald Trump and talking directly to Putin,  an extremely clever position to take by Pelosi, but there is a but. 

Russia is cold, windy, and gray more often than not. People are going to be inside more often than other nicer weather countries spending a significant amount of time either having sex, getting drunk, or getting drunk and having sex, or having sex and then getting drunk for having sex, OR, they are going to be on computers, simply because going outside and making a wrong turn and getting lost could cause someone to die from the cold, and they have bears.

A person who lives in a country that has less nice weather than other places, and the other places are constantly patting themselves on the back about how great they are, might cause Russian Civilians and the officials they advised to vote for to be tempted to screw with the bragging countries by Russian Social Media and desktop computers.

What about Denmark and Finland? Why are they different? Maybe because they are smaller countries and the country as a whole is able to pull together better than a place like Russia that is so vast.

Until we start patting Russia on the Back, in Public, for doing more with less amicable weather than most other nations on the planet, Russia may continue to see successful countries with nicer weather as Narcissistic, and treat them accordingly.

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