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Sunday, August 21, 2016

The New Republican Strategy of Posing as a Democrat, will work and can defeat Hillary Clinton this fall.

With every new regime change at Trumpland comes the opportunity for reinvention. Each opportunity for reinvention in Trumpland actually impresses existing Donald Trump supporters who think to themselves, "he's so agile", and each reinvention also creates the opportunity to attract new supporters impressed by Donald Trump's willingness to "change".

The National Enquirer is now assaulting Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton on a weekly basis, the latest attack claims Hillary Clinton gained 103 pounds and Bill Clinton is dying from Parkinson's Disease and won't survive election day. It should be noted that "The Globe" said Bill Clinton only had six months to live, about four years ago I think it was.

The point is, tens of millions of people are being exposed to the weekly National Enquirer Trash screeds, and millions more will be inspired by Donald Trump's foray into the Presidential Apprentice on the road motiff in which Trump goes into New Orleans and hands out Play Doh to flood victims.

Can I see Hillary Clinton wearing a white headband, sweat glistening from her forearms after an obvious cardio workout, that would send media heads ablazing and into a frenzy, and it sure would make the Trump camp and the National Enquirer look foolish in regards to their scurrilous claims against her and her health.

Hillary Clinton can win the intellectual war against Donald Trump and still lose the election based on the physical war  Donald Trump is on in which he galavants to places in crisis, ironically enough, feeling their pain. Donald Trump interacting with victims in need while Hillary Clinton begins to look the parental version of Betty Lou Who from The Grinch, whose feet we never seen moving.

Ellipticals are the ideal exercise machine for working up a cardio sweat, just sayin.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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