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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

George Bush's Thousand Points of Light Foundation only shared 11% of its donations on actual charities and may have been a Conflict of Interest.

George Bush Sr. Thousand Points of Light Foundation was criticized back in 1995 by the Los Angeles Times for only donating 11% of its funding to non-profit charities. The majority of the money went to salaries for the Foundation executives and promotions.

The Thousand Points of light Foundation accepted donations from all over the world as well continuously from the early 1990's and all the way through George Bush Jr's presidency. George Bush Sr. may have even violated transparency issues when he openly spoke about the Foundation during his 1989 Inaugural Address without addressing the possible conflict of interest with being president.

The Thousand Points of Light continued even during George Bush jr.'s presidency and democrats did not accuse the Bush's of conflict of interest.

Hat Tip to Still 4 Hill for reminding DailyPUMA readers about the Bush Foundation. DailyPUMA personally recalled the name of the Foundation being called "A Thousand Points of Light".

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