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Friday, August 5, 2016

Does Donald Trump have a Bimbo Eruption Problem?

Wright tweeted a picture of the Cleveland Cavaliers Championship Celebration that featured thousands of fans,  knowingly and falsely attributing the Cavaliers Championship Celebration photo taken in Cleveland as instead coming from a Donald Trump Rally in Jacksonville, Florida. Then Donald Trump commented about the image, apparently not knowing it had been faked, to tell his supporters that maybe the polls are wrong that show Trump Trailing Hillary Clinton.

Is there a bevy of Russian bimbos out there who support Donald Trump? Will they come to the surface or have they been paid off by the Trump Machine? Has Donald Trump been using his own Private Jet to ferry himself and his sons to parts unknown for behavior not suitable for the media to find out about? 

How does Donald Trump keep finding Russian women to either marry, or that are willing to lie in writing and with pictures on Twitter? Tatiana Wright knowingly posted false information about a photo on her twitter account that painted a Donald Trump rally in a favorable light, yet later on proudly admitted in writing that she publicly lied so Donald would benefit. 

Some might see Tatiana's defiance as somewhat terroristic in nature seeing as how she was not born in the U.S. 

Other's might see Tatiana's actions as salacious in nature, a Russian woman living in the U.S. who is willing to lie for her man, then defiantly say she would do it again and that she is not sorry. Some might wonder if Donald Trump's public display of approval of Tatiana's actions has some deeper meaning between the two.

Of course normal americans, the kind who will vote for Hillary Clinton, would simply see Tatiana as an american citizen who probably never learned that it is not ok to knowingly lie when writing or posting photos.

Just how big is the loyal group of Russian women who seem defiantly loyal to Donald Trump?

Why aren't Russian immigrants on Donald Trumps No Enter list?

How many of Donald Trump's wives are Russian? How does that happen?

Why aren't American women good enough for Donald Trump to marry? 

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Anonymous said...

And she is still on twitter acting manic, posting lies as of 12/2017. Twtr and media account analytics shows she posts all day, spking to no one, stating she was military trained. she is simply unhinged

Alessandro Machi said...

I ended up following her on my DailyPUMA twitter account just to keep track of the insanity.

Anonymous said...

She is a spy and a conduit.
She was also an underling of a Russian spy who is involved in this investigation.
She also has connections to the current bald speaker.
She also has worked for our government quite extensively.
Her resume can be found online.
She also claims to be elected alongside of trump

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