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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Why Donald Trump being a Bi-Polar Politician probably does not affect his popularity.

Because Donald Trump is male, his Bi-Polar political behavior has been embraced by many.

It's stunning to me that Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of using the Woman's card when Mr. Trump has gotten a pass on being Bi-Polar, something no woman politician would ever get a pass for.

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DontLikeGooglePleaseJustPublish said...

I noticed for some time that Corrente has been anti-Clinton; when any of the woman-hating women there write the post, rabidly so. Today's header, calling for investigation of Clinton's "electoral fraud" is an excellent example.

Maybe time to move it over to the other side of Daily Puma and put it with the rest of the Hillary-haters?

Alessandro Machi said...

Yes, I post responses on Corrente and they are "held for moderation".
I just removed The People's View for blocking DailyPUMA from posting, and because their posts of late have been very self serving and arrogant to the hilt. I'm embarrassed for Hillary Clinton that they get so much attention in the comments section. Maybe I should get disqus for commenting as well?
Apparently SOME of the political blogs are run by people with huge egos and thin skins. My other theory is, people actually believe they can make money off of their blog, (ha ha) and as a result develop skins so thin they glow if one simply breathes within a mile of them.
The reason I will probably leave Corrente where it is is to show the fickle nature of bloggers. I will add a "but do they still?" to the column header. Thanks for commenting.

DontLikeGooglePleaseJustPublish said...

I thought TPV's main articles were good on Clinton and her nemesis du jour (du media?), but yeah, the comments are pro-Obama, no exceptions allowed. At least they're upfront with it.

Corrente, though, lapped up the HRC support when it put them among true progressives in 2008 (I still remember Hillary's "Lambert!" on that conference call with bloggers), but as soon as they perceived her as a "loser" - time to unleash the woman-hating attack dogs, the worst being women who couldn't distance themselves fast enough from that oh-so-toxic anatomy they were born with.

Thanks to your blog, I can still do the Hillary news round-up in one easy page. Folks will catch on concerning the turncoats, even without column shifting.

Alessandro Machi said...

The People's View referred to Obama as "His Greatness" or something like that. They take a tone like the speak for all Clinton supporters. I reached out on facebook to the owner of the blog but did not hear back and rather than prolong anything, I just figured why deal with the pettiness at all. Any site that is expecting donations but won't let DailyPUMA post I don't see the need to keep on DailyPUMA, with the exception of Uppity Woman and Sky Dancing.
It's somewhat lonely being a male for Hillary Clinton in a world of feminist bloggers who will fixate on one comment out of thousands made along with the metrosexual men bloggers who are just too uppity as well, lol.
Mad in the Middle and Cannonfire are regularly ignored by the Clinton blogs and along with Daily PUMA we all put out good material, and are ignored by the feminist Clinton bloggers and the male metros.

DontLikeGooglePleaseJustPublish said...

Ah, I didn't know TPV had gotten that extreme. It's too bad.

Being pro-Hillary but not of the female persuasion must be a difficult path, especially given that the best blogs from 2008 that survived stood up to a tidal wave of anti-female hostility.

I'll just keep reading Daily Puma and being grateful that someone has collected all the good pro-Hillary blogs (and former ones, along with safety labels :) ) in once place.

Alessandro Machi said...

I'd give your comment a like if I had a like option.

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