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Monday, May 23, 2016

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, play the "Mommy Card".

If we take a step back, the "Donald Trump attacking Hillary Clinton regarding Bill Clinton" strategy is rather odd. The same Donald Trump who invented a new hue of facial red out of protective anger for his wife and retaliated by posting a picture of Ted Cruz's wife with melted lipstick next to a picture of his own trophy wife, attacks Hillary Clinton for protecting her man from attacks. 

Is the pedantic Mr. Trump so obtuse that he can't see his own shadow regarding protecting his wife as being no different than Hillary Clinton protecting her husband? Is Donald Trump the pimp, who may have been associated with Trump Escorts, and who REGULARLY trades in his late 30 something wife for a 20 something replacement, that obtuse?

Donald Trump, a man, attacks Hillary Clinton, a woman, for standing by her man even though he did the same thing as Hillary Clinton. Trump thinks that another man's boorish behavior should determine whether Hillary Clinton is qualified for office. Does this mean if any of Donald Trump's former wives ALLEGEDLY did something unacceptable that Donald Trump would back out of the presidential race? What about any of Donald Trump's relatives, like his canned hunt killing sons?

Bernie Sanders, a Man, verbally assaults Hillary Clinton (she can take it, I get that) and financially assaults Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Hillary Clinton has  had to play the boys will be boys card while Ms. Schultz has also played the adult card and by granting that 5 of the 15 democrat platform committee members be selected by Bernie Sanders. 

Why stop at spouses, what about son's and daughter's behavior, shouldn't that matter as well? What about Donald Trump's sissy sons engaging in the most cowardly act of all, canned hunts, aka shooting a SEDATED Lion at close range and then having the Lion's head imported into the United States? 

If family behavior matters so much to Donald Trump, George Bush senior probably has the most baggage of all. His son's wife accidentally killed a former boyfriend when she drove through a stop sign and hit his car. George Bush Sr. was alleged to have had a very young protege who he took massages with. One masseuse mysteriously died not too long after giving Mr. Bush and his protege a massage just hours before the debate he won against Bill Clinton. 

Mr. Bush's grand daughters have had numerous run ins with the law and behaved badly in public on numerous occasions and I think have been to rehab. When Mr. Trump brings up alleged crap about the Clintons, it simply becomes a gateway media stunt that gives opponents the opportunity to air dirty secrets about ANY prior Republican president and their families as well. The fact that Mr. Trump has no visionary skills to see beyond his nose is the fear factor many moderates have in this country.

While Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of playing the woman card, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has had to play the adult card to a childishly bombastic Bernie Sanders. It's pretty evident to me that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are playing the "Mommy Card" as they throw tantrums and accusations and false innuendo towards women politicians in an effort to get their way without caring about the consequences, and that indeed is playing the "Mommy Card".

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Bob Harrison said...

Anyone who by this time has not figured out that Bernie Sanders is working for the GOP is, at best, willfully blind or incredibly stupid. There is so much garbage in the houses of the GOP and their various enablers, such as the NRA and the "Evangelicals," that if this race becomes a sewer crawl the Democrats can always resurrect Mark Foley and (Larry Craig?) to toe tap the flood of sewage that will be released. Won't it be great to finally talk about former First Lady's who have already killed someone and maybe committed murder over pot dealing? (See, anyone can cough up vaguely connected facts and weave them, and oh, there is so much there among the Republicans that one can web.)

Alessandro Machi said...

The Masseuse story was actually circulated through incredibly close contacts who I believe.

El Rondo said...

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