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Monday, May 2, 2016

Bernie Sanders starring in the Pledged Delegate / Super Delegate Switcheroo.

First Bernie Sanders points out how "close" he is to Hillary Clinton in pledged delegate count, trailing by "only" around 350 pledged delegates, which just so happens to be a much larger lead than Barack Obama had over Hillary Clinton.

Then Bernie Sanders points out that the super delegates in the handful of primaries he won (Bernie likes to call it 17 primaries and caucuses he's won when it's more like 5 primaries and 12 caucuses won, a big difference because his younger, more fanatical supporters will make sure he wins the caucus state contests but they can't infiltrate a primary), should pledge for him.

But Bernie juxtaposes being behind by 350 PLEDGED delegates with the notion that if the super delegate vote were more equitably distributed the Pledged delegate differential would drop. This is patently and completely false.

Bernie Sander's mixed up message is that he could close the 345 pledged delegate lead if he got more super delegates. If Bernie Sanders were to get more super delegates, it would NOT affect the pledged delegate counts at all, it would simply cut into Hillary Clinton's plus 800 overall delegate lead a tiny bit.

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Bob Harrison said...

I saw some number/delegate crunching a few days that compared today's rules to those in 08 and if the rules were still the same old Bernout would be even further in the hole. Lord, he's such a phony. I bet if Hillary were paying Bill $80k a month we'd never hear the end of it.

Alessandro Machi said...

It's 800K a month for Bernie's top advisor.

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