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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bernie Lost me when….

According to Daily News Bin, "Bernie Lost me when"….. is trending on twitter.

Although DailyPUMA was never a Sanders supporter, "Bernie Lost me when"…. I realized Bernie doesn't understand how Credit Card Debt actually works, used having unnecessary Credit Card to "carny" his followers into making them believe he had no wealth, his wife may have embezzled funds from the college she was president of, and Bernie had a knack for handsomely paying his close relatives and friends and hiding his wealth in his wive's IRS filings, which they never released.

lease consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.


NoFanOfBS said...

RE: putting up the BernoutBlog, especially under the Hillary supporters column - I wasn't sure this was a good idea at first, but the comedy value makes it one.

That petition forwarded to NC Democratic convention? All the crossing out and re-vamping of "pure principled unyielding" demands is perfect visual onomatopoeia. It's an accurate reflection of the whiplash inducing changes in position and demands according to the moment by moment re-evaluation of BS's chances by the BS campaign.

I was at my first (and last - I'm no martyr) precinct committee meeting in a mostly wealthy Bernout borough back in February? when this smelly piece of garbage was first introduced. An oh-so-innocent professorial type attempted to introduce it at first as merely a non-partisan rules change binding superdelegates to the popular vote. I pointed out that this was intended to harm only one candidate, the same one who had been harmed by -not- binding superdelegates to the popular vote eight years ago and that to change the rules now when she was perceived as benefiting from them was extremely unfair. Only then was it put to a vote: it split evenly among the quiet Hillary and/or fairness supporters and the obnoxious Bernouts. The precinct chair looked around the room and, I swear, did a visual tally of relative income, and voted with the Bernouts. They did have to include a provision that it wouldn't affect the nomination this year, otherwise its purpose would have been screamingly obvious.

This county went overwhelmingly for BS in the primary (unlike the state as a whole, thankfully). Its Dem leadership is still so much in the tank for him that its last email with phone banking info listed BS twice, with the full street address and meeting time, Hillary once, date only, no time listed and no street number. There's no way I can be part of this mess - if I do work with the Democratic party, it will be in a different county.

Off for vacation now, but had to post this first. Thanks for keeping up this invaluable page!

Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks for getting the reason I put up the Bern site, it's not actually run by the official Bernie Sanders people and I almost took it down when they posted about winning twenty states, not mentioning that 11 of those wins were in the dreaded caucuses. Instead I tallied up HIllary's primary wins and added it to their title description since for me that is the bottom line.
Excellent comment you made about how the super delegates not staying with Hillary Clinton hurt her in 2008 and now that it will help her the Sanders people want how Super Delegates are selected, changed again, in essence hurting Hillary Clinton again.

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