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Sunday, January 31, 2016

I was going to make my second donation to Hillary Clinton's Campaign, but...

I donated once before to Hillary Clinton's campaign for what for me was a big chunk of money. This time I was going to make a more modest donation. But when I clicked on the link from the email I received and then checked the amount, it then asked me to fill in all of my personal info.

I already get double or triple of the same messages from different email accounts, if I put my personal info down once before must I do it every time I make a donation? 

Am I going to be put on ANOTHER e-mailing list and then get duplicates in the mail for the Hillary Clinton campaign?  For once I would hope there is someone from the Hillary Clinton campaign that would actually answer my questions in the comments section.  

I don't understand why when I respond to an email that even mentions me by name that my personal info (not including the credit card info) isn't going to be auto completed since I already made a prior donation.

(Updated May 06, 2016) Not that it matters but I have made a couple of additional donations since posting this article. My questions were never answered and I could never get my password to update.

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