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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oprah Winfrey's trip to Australia while thousands of americans are thrown out of their homes at the same time, explain it to me Oprah.

I recently caught an episode of Oprah Winfrey to see what makes Oprah tick these days and found the answer in a quote by Oprah.
"Never tear others down, always build yourself up, Never tear down, always build up". -Oprah Winfrey
There is a ton of wisdom in that quote, and that's where the problem lies. Oprah's "Never Tear Down, Always Build Up" is such a solid philosophy that it becomes too easy to follow that advice 100% of the time.

One thing I have learned in life is that there may not be a true failsafe philosophy that works 100% of the time.

If Oprah follows her own wisdom 100% of the time, it requires Oprah believing she can only improve people if they want to build themselves up. Again, another solid foundational premise. However, there are times when what someone really needs is for someone else to help them fight an aggressor so that the aggressor backs off, or at the vert least treats the aggrieved person, fairly.

Oprah's philosophy of "never tear down, always build up", does not work in a triangular situation where a group or individual needs help battling an unfair foe. In Oprah's fantasy world come to life, it appears Oprah avoids triangular confrontations no matter how badly mismatched the two sides are.

Oprah is a fountain of success, come along and watch Oprah's fountain florish and it may just wash upon you as well.

The Oprah Winfrey show I recently saw was Oprah's behind the scenes 25th anniversary show. I cringed at one point when Oprah glowingly talked about how reliable one of her producers was for coming to work every day even while that producer had family members dying from cancer.
The pain that I saw in that producers eyes while Oprah floated her own fountain of success a little higher by raving about the producers loyalty to her, was a pain I can relate to. Except I did the opposite to what the producer did, I kicked out the Oprahs from my life specifically because they were so self absorbed.
So it appears that part of floating one's own fountain of success higher and higher is to forget those whose personal situations cut into their devotion towards your fountain of success. Doesn't the U.S. just wreak of that attitude ever since Barack Obama became president?

Just ask Haiti.

Haiti is still struggling a year after their horrific earthquake. Apparently the United States has held hostage a majority of the funds that were already pledged to Haiti. So where did Oprah Winfrey just go for December of 2010? Oprah Winfrey went to Australia and apparently paid the way for a few hundred of her studio audience members as well.

The sad part is, Oprah has fed her own fountain of success to such an extravagant level that skipping Haiti and going to Australia was an obvious fountain swelling decision.

Could you imagine if Oprah had bellowed to her own studio audience in that big booming yell she seems to have grown fond of..."You're all going on a trip with meeeeeeee........ (the audience is giddy beyond belief)....toooooo

An interesting irony, Oprah Winfrey left Australia just as the northern part of Australia was hit with rain of literally biblical proportions. Oprah arrived in the U.S. just after tornados devastated several communities in several states on New Years Eve.
Is it Oprah's responsibility to save the world? That's a hard one to answer. However, once Oprah Winfrey injected herself into the 2008 presidential race, she kind of should do more than just keep filling her own fountain of success, no?
In the case of Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey to this day believes she helped unleash Barack Obama's fountain of success while not breaking down Hillary Clinton's fountain, and there in lies the delusional danger of never tear down, always build up.
Nor will Oprah do anything but continue to support Barack Obama no matter how badly he intentionally bungles the foreclosure issue while pretending to be the good guy hamstrung by the same Wall Street fellows that are also his pals and even part of his cabinet.
Years ago Oprah Winfrey was tried in Texas for slander against the cattle industry. From what I have read, Oprah was a trembling wreck, fearful that she could go to jail. It was not until Oprah Winfrey met up with Dr. Phil was she able to conquer her own fear her impending trial.
At one of Oprah's presumably weakest moments in her life, it took triangulation to rescue her, courtesy of Dr. Phil.
Dr. Phil DIRECTLY HELPED Oprah Winfrey battle a specific enemy.
If Dr. Phil had pulled an Oprah, he would have waited until after Oprah battled her lawsuit demons to help Oprah fill her fountain of success, even if Oprah's fountain had been from jail.
Even though Oprah Winfrey benefited from triangulation Winfrey seems less likely to save others through triangulation. It appears Oprah's solution to how one should live their life is to avoid triangulation at all costs. If you need triangulation, don't ask Oprah for help until you become a devoted follower of hers who does not need saving. In essence give to the Romans what belongs to the Romans, give to Oprah when you are ready to focus your energies on Oprah.

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