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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is American Home Mortgage Servicing of Texas, Evil?


If you ask the homeowners featured in the video below if
American Home Mortgage Servicing is evil, they might just say yes. Perhaps this is just one more reason why you should probably never pose for a picture and give the rights for the image away so that it can be used by any company for their website.

Could you imagine seeing your image over the website above and having no recourse for having it removed!!!

In Texas, they appear to believe in free market policies to the extent that companies like American Home Mortgage Servicing can foreclose on your home, even when you have made ALL of your monthly payments on time!

In Texas they call it free market capitalism. I call it "Texas hold em until they suffocate the homeowner into an illegal foreclosure". And the good old boy sherriffs in Texas will even escort you out of your foreclosed home, even when you have done nothing wrong.

And don't ask the Texas Attorney General's office to get involved, they have 30,000 consumer complaints to deal with so just get yourself an attorney and leave them alone! See the full article at Denise Richardson blog and thanks to Denise for finding this gem.

Good to know that Media Matters is all over Dr. Laura and the "N word" while homeowners in Texas are having their homes ripped out from under them.

Thanks to Fox 4 and NBC 4 for broadcasting this video.

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