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Friday, May 28, 2010

PUMA anniversary coming up? Anybody know when PUMA ground zero actually was?

I'm curious as to when ground zero was for PUMA's? Was it around May 30th of 2008, or did it happen prior to that date? I did some google research but was not able to find anything definitive.

If anybody wants to give their opinion please do so in the comments section. There are about three or four versions of PUMA ground zero out there. When contributing an answer, please consider the possibility that there may be other versions out there as well that could be just as valid.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder about the anniversary. Hardly seems like two years, does it!? Even though some of the original members have since chosen to take a different path, most continue to work for the ideals we embraced in 2008 when PUMA was organized. The movement was in response to the undemocratic actions of the DNC and the gross abuse of power by MSM, as they pushed their chosen candidate one the country, engaging in gross sexism in the process.

The following link is to an article by riverdaughter at The Confluence from June 2, 2008, announcing the development of PUMA the previous day: http://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2008/06/02/monday-puma-power/.

I'm sure there are varying stories regarding the birth of PUMA - so many passionate and angry voters who individually and collectively recognized that there was nothing left to do but oppose the Democratic Party, and it's selected nominee.

PUMAs are nothing if not independent, and eventually, some chose to express their passion for democracy, human rights, and women's rights through a different vehicle. But, regardless of the varying views and opinions which separate us over time, nothing can erase the excellent movement of which we were all a part. We came together to right a wrong. The importance and significance of that cannot be overstated, regardless of one's thoughts about Puma's beginnings, its past, and its future.

We at Hillarysworld (http://hillarysworld.activeboard.com/) invite all current and former PUMAs to drop by and share a PUMA memory.

Alessandro, I wish I could shed more light on the origins of the PUMA movement. I'll be watching with interest to see how that topic unfolds.

Happy anniversary, PUMAs,

Anonymous said...

Details were posted around May 28, 2010, at several PUMA blogs: Riverdaughter, Hillaryis44.org, PumaPac.org.

Iirc the wonderful NAME "Party Unity My Ass!" came from a Riverdaughter commenter c. May 28. But the IDEA of going to McCain had been discussed for at least a few weeks previously, eg at Taylor Marsh (by some of us who later formed Bitterpoliticz after Taylor threw us out).

Anonymous said...


C. May 28 many Hillary Democrats cried "Puma!", bless them. I don't know how many of them were thinking as far ahead as McCain in November. Most seemed focused on encouraging Hillary delegates to make a floor fight in Denver.

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