Thursday, February 18, 2010

THE U.S. Supreme Court Got it Wrong regarding corporate donations to political campaigns.


I am in the 75-80 plus percent across the board majority that think the supreme court got the corporate political donor ruling wrong. However, I also can see the supreme court's view, split as it was 5-4 along conservative and liberal lines, as making a modicum of sense as well.

If I had a really big company and huge responsibilities to provide a product or service which in turn kept a lot of people employed, I would want the option to periodically plead my case with politicians so that they don't enact legislation that could put me out of business or cause me to lay off employees.

Is there a magical solution that keeps corporations from exerting too much political influence without taking away some ability to "lobby" their position? I enjoy problem solving but this one scenario I can't figure out. My heart tells me the supreme court was wrong in their verdict but my head tells me that the alternative would have just weakened american businesses even more.

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