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Friday, February 5, 2010

Its time for OBOT Friday. Meet the Hillary Clinton Polka Geek Dude syndicated columnist.

If you choose to watch this video, notice how the "audience" never moves, applauds, or does anything affirmative. Even the girl whom he grabs and then dances with never has her face visible to the camera. Could this guy actually be holding these people hostage and using them in his youtube videos? I thought I detected a sigh of relief from the girl when the "dancing perp" lets her sit back down.

Remember the Twilight Zone episode where the kid had all the power and the adults were catering to his every whim and faking being interested? Except in this instance the kid is the adult and the audience his caged prey.

Ironically, this Hillary Polka video points out a very sinister aspect that Hillary Clinton had to deal with from the media before she declared her candidacy. I believe that Hillary Clinton did not want to enter the race first and as the leader for fear of being overexposed too early in the presidential race. (I think this video came out in 2007 and the guy is already not wanting to see anymore of Hillary). It was the media, led by Keith Olbermann and MSNBC, that constantly harped on her to announce her candidacy as early as possible.

How many times in past elections has the initial "leading" democratic candidate actually become the nominee? I seem to recall that democrats who are trailing and then gain momentum as the race develops have more success than those that are just presented as the initial, inevitable nominee. So the media knew what it was doing by trying to overexpose Hillary Clinton early on, and this "gentleman" with the faceless guests seems to confirm the media conspiracy of early overexposure being used against Hillary Clinton, quite effectively.

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