Sunday, February 7, 2010

Holy Bat Alliance, Batman. Gene Roddenberry predicted a Hillary Clinton Sarah Palin 2012 third party candidacy in a back to the future Star Trek clip!

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid star as the evil red menace. Pelosi and Reid's red glare influence peddling has wreaked havoc over fair minded politicians and the democratic party.
Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin (characters interchangeable) have both felt the wrath of the Pelosi Reid Red Rays of Political Persecution as they ponder their next move.
HillBuzz Fans stand nervously by as Hillary and Sarah talk about a 2012 partnership.
Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid angrily glower from above as their red rays of change demand that Clinton and Palin fight!
Momentarily blinded by the Reid/Pelosi Red Glare, Sarah and Hillary fight.
The Voice of Reason. Some PUMA's begin to wonder if there is a better way. Must democrats and republicans fight over everything?
Both Clinton and Palin fight each other for the honor of their party, momentarily forgetting that the safety of the ship, the U.S.A. Enterprise is what matters most.
Meanwhile, Cannonfire troops show up to counter attack the HillBuzz troupe.
HillBuzz hears the approaching CannonFire mob and turns to meet them.
HillBuzz and CanonFire troops fight the heroic fight, knowing full well the survival of their own party is at stake.
Finally, Clinton and Palin come to their senses. Both Clinton and Palin realize the real enemy is the blinding red light of the corrupt leadership of the democratic party led by Pelosi and Reid. If the two could work together, they could rid the blight from the democratic party and turn the United States back towards a more righteous path.

Think I'm kidding? Watch below.

1 comment:

ladydawnelle said...

HAHAHaaa! I love that analogy! I'd vote for a Clinton/Palin or vice versa ticket ANY day of the week!

X Lib now Indie PUMA4PALIN here!
not sure how I found you but love the idea! too bad we are so alone (noticing your facebook numbers) lol oh well
keep the dream alive~!

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