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Monday, February 15, 2010

BREAKING NEWS, Evan Bayh pulls a Barack Obama and gets out of the race one day before the deadline, just like Obama did in Michigan.

Evan Bayh resigning one day before the filing deadline is payback for what Barack Obama did to Hillary Clinton in 2007 in the Michigan race.

Do unto Barack as Barack has done unto others many times in the past, over, and over, and over I might add.

Back in late 2007, Barack Obama, John Edwards Misterhands, and Bill "don't call me; Clinton" Richardson, all took their name off of the Michigan ballot less than one day before the deadline.

Barack Obama, John Edwards Misterhands, and Bill "don't call me; Clinton", all then conspired against Hillary Clinton in their Iowa and New Hampshire caucus speeches. The three amigos hammered against Hillary Clinton because she had kept her name on the ballot in Michigan, even though there was not enough time for her to take her name off in response to the three amigos, even if she had wanted to.

The controversy over Michigan had to do with Michigan moving their voting day up to near the beginning, in essence challenging Iowa and New Hampshire and their perennial first to vote status. Michigan would not have gone first, but they would be so close date wise that politicians would have had to spend time in Michigan and less time in Iowa and New Hampshire.
To understand how devious, cunning, corrupt, and for himself Barack Obama is, please realize that if Hillary Clinton had taken her name off of the Michigan ballot first, Obama, Edwards and Richardson could have then kept their names on the ballot in Michigan and accused Hillary Clinton of being a front runner who was willing to sell out the voters of Michigan in exchange for winning in Iowa and New Hampshire.
While some may call this type of political trickery in Michigan by Barack Obama brilliant, it also speaks to a man so consumed with himself that winning becomes more important than actually having substance. It also speaks to the democratic higher ups not stepping in and figuring out a fairer solution that didn't involve so much jockeying for position at the expense of political substance.

What an amazing cannon ball shot across the bow of the Good ship, Barack Obot that Evan Bayh has fired. Evan Bayh has now resigned JUST ONE DAY BEFORE the close of the filing deadline even though he was actually leading in the polls!

Make no mistake, the shenanigans that Obama, Edwards and Richardson pulled in Michigan in late 2007 are now coming home to roost. It will be interesting to see if the media brings up the Michigan angle or not, very interesting indeed.

PUMA blogs, please don't be shy about repeating the message of this article on your own blog. I have the feeling the mass media is going to cover this up. NOBODY resigns one day before the deadline when they are leading in the polls without an ulterior motive.
(Edit note, Feb. 16, 2010)

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