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Friday, February 12, 2010

Bill Clinton is the only president to have a higher approval rating at end of his Presidency than beginning, and highest overall exit rating as well!

Bill Clinton is the only president to have both a higher popularity when he left office then when he arrived, and, Bill Clinton also has the highest approval rating of any president on their final day in office. But that was not good enough for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, who felt the Clintons were "polarizing". Nancy Pelois and Harry Reid MUST GO.
-Alessandro Machi
Click here to go to original graph source. Click on image to Enlarge Graph.

Most presidents ended their terms on huge downward slides. Only a few ended their terms either steady or going up...but since 1946, only one president has had a higher approval rating at the end of their time in office then their first day in office, and that president was Bill Clinton. And of course, Bill Clinton also had the highest approval rating of any president on their final day in office.

Now I understand why the democratic party betrayed Bill and Hillary Clinton and their "polarizing ways" in 2008, it was the cheeseburgers that Bill Clinton had eaten that one day in the future might clog Bill Clinton's arteries while doing charitable work in Haiti.
Pelosi and Reid MUST GO.
However, I may have been the first to have noticed that Bill Clinton is the only president to have a higher rating on their final day in office then their first, and that Bill Clinton's final approval rating was the highest of any president ever.
Too bad HillBuzz seems somewhat reluctant to return credit when due or print my Hillary Clinton comments in their comments section.


Annie said...

I love you.

Annie said...

Oh, and as for Hillbuzz, they've been praising Bush left and right and trying to take out Clinton democrats, but not Obama democrats, so I'm not sure they are in their right minds

Alessandro Machi said...

Yeah, I think HillBuzz is headed to the left column. I think they are talented writers but I am guessing someone is funding them from the conservative side.

and I Love you back!

adugan said...

you said the data perfectly!!!! I told Bill Clinton during our primary after Obama said Reagan was transformational and Bill was not, What about peace & prosperity didn't Obama like? Then I answered Obama did not need you in the 90s but my family did.

I started a Get Well President Clinton group on Facebook for people to post comments.

Alessandro Machi said...

I've got you covered. I put a link up a few days ago at the very top of this column. Eventually it will come down but for now its up.

You got close to a thousand members pretty quick.

I started a Clinton/Palin facebook page and have one member!

adugan said...

i would post here more but your home page freezes my computer internet explorer

Alessandro Machi said...

For the record, there are no weird ads or things on this site that I am aware of that could be causing the freezing. When I create what looks like an ad, it's just an image that I have grabbed and then I add the link and that's it.

Two theories on what might be causing problems for you, the headline ticker tape might be an issue, or, it could just be that there is a lot of bandwidth on DailyPUMA and your computer does not like it. The headline banner was recently re-encoded so hopefully that is no longer a problem.

Does it freeze every time? I was having a similar problem elsewhere until I increased the ram on my computer.

adugan said...

yes everytime. when i go to close your page down when i am done viewing it, i cannot, i just get the hour glass and it freezes and i have to hit cnt alt delete or IE shuts down on its own

Alessandro Machi said...

I had that same problem in general because my computer's ram was not enough. I would get caught in a situation where I would try to close a window and it would take literally 20 seconds to close. Sometimes I had 15 windows open and it would take me five minutes to close them all.

Talk about watching water boil!

I'm curious if you could try closing all your windows and only having one open when you are on DailyPUMA if that makes a difference.

When I upgraded the ram on my computer the problem went away, not just here, but anywhere I was going.

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