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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Those Zany Democrats, closing GM & Chrysler Dealerships that only contributed to Republican Politicians...

(Edit update - Oct. 9, 2009). Apparently most dealerships give money to the republicans anyways, so no matter which dealerships got closed, the number of dealerships that gave to republican politicians was going to be a lot higher.

(Edit update - Nov.10, 2009)
It would be nice to know who first trotted out this smear to see if they did it trick everybody else, or if it was an honest mistake. However, should we be alarmed that dealerships in general give more money to the republicans rather than the democrats? If that is true, why are they doing that?


Just where does Barack Obama keep his FAT SUIT, the one where he stuffs all the stuff into that he said he was going to change. Click here to rat out Steve Rattner over which GM and Chrysler dealerships were CLOSED, and WHY!

My apologies to rats everywhere. Incredible find from The Burning Platform.

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