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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Magic Moments -The best of 50's Pop, performed by the original artists, 50 years later, I kid you not.

Magic Moments -The best of 50's Pop. This video originally was released in 2004. That still means a 50 year time span from when these artists first sang their hit songs, until when they were asked back, yet there they are, many of the original artists performing the songs that made them famous 50 years ago.

In the Los Angeles Area, the show is airing on KOCE PBS as I write this. (Saturday, June 6th, 2009). I don't recall seeing this bit of musical history when it first came out, pretty amazing actually. Nick Clooney, Ahem, George Clooney's father and former news anchor in Los Angeles, hosts the PBS fundraising interludes.

Apparently it took 2 years to plan the actual concert that featured the reunion of all of these 50's pop stars. Now I ask you, would not "the making of this event" have made the ultimate reality TV show? Finding musical stars from 50 years ago and asking them to get back together to perform in front of a huge audience for history's sake, wow!

I hope somebody is writing a screenplay about this entire endeavor because it would truly be amazing to show the early successes, possibly a long period in between of "normalcy", and then in the age of the internet, when many of these performers probably were well into their retirement, suddenly they are being asked back to perform.

I feel cheated that we did not get to see the entire behind the scenes of how this event was put together. There must be some remarkable stories that still have not been told about the stars and the making of this video and CD album reunion.

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