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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is Michael Jackson Going to Heaven?

I don't know if there is a heaven or a hell. When I was around five or six years old, I thought living forever, even in heaven, might be a form of hell. I was able to calm myself out of that freak out moment by reminding myself that God would be there.

For those who believe in heaven and hell, where is Michael Jackson going? The obvious answer for some is if Michael was attracted to underage youth, he has to go "below". But to me it isn't so obvious.

What strikes me most about Michael Jackson and his music is how transcendent it is. I can't even dare use the past tense. Michael Jackson's music is NOT just one type of music. Michael Jackson songs literally fill one end of the musical spectrum to the other. Another powerful aspect of Michael Jackson's songs is how enjoyable, danceable, huggable, spiritual, romanciful (listed 157 times by google) and uplifting Michael Jackson's music is.

It dawns on me that Michael Jackson's music will probably do more to elevate more people's moods, emotions and lives than any other person who has ever lived. (I won't include Jesus in the comparison)

So now we have a real dilemma. Was there something deeply unacceptable about Michael Jackson's personal life that is supposed to supercede what he was able to contribute and share with the world and that will continue to be shared long after we are all gone?

I'm not comfortable analyzing possible scenarios that might be acceptable that involve consenting guardians and the treatment of those who may have slept in the same bedroom as Michael Jackson.

If it turns out that the only reason Michael Jackson turned out so much amazing music was because of how he lived, would you be willing to see all that music disappear if it meant Michael Jackson had live a more "normal" life?

I believe Michael Jackson's music and his personal life cannot be pulled apart as each part subsisted because of the other part.

Then there is the plastic surgery and apparent color shifts to discuss as well. In an ironic twist, one of the biggest gifts Michael Jackson could have given to the world would have been to never change the way he looked. Does anyone really believe Michael Jackson would have been even one iota less popular if he had never had any plastic surgery performed?

Was part of Michael Jackson's dream to be part white, part african american, part young, and part adult, and that became the reason he left us with angst over his personal life, but so much great music for the entire world to enjoy?

I believe ultimately Michael Jackson gave out to the world much more than he ever took, and that probably leads to a heavenly existence.
It would be wrong to stop Michael Jackson at the Pearly Gates as he listens to his own music being played up above.


Annie said...

hi daily puma,

just fyi, you have The Black Sphere blog under 'mostly puma' but it's actually a republican site.

Alessandro Machi said...

Hi Annie, thanks for the feedback.

PUMA's were very upset at how the media made it seem like a foregone conclusion that all african americans would vote for Barack Obama.

It was rather insulting that the media took this position against Hillary Clinton when Bill Clinton had been such a popular president among African Americans and Hillary Clinton should have enjoyed some of that Bill Clinton popularity. I don't consider the less than 10% that Hillary Clinton got to be very indicative what she would have gotten if the media had been fair in how they reported her relationship with African Americans.

Do you think the black sphere is totally against Hillary Clinton? If so, then I would take them off.

Another way to ask the question, who does the black sphere like more, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?

Annie said...

Ah, i see what you're saying. I just perused the site, and this is what i see.

He generally thinks all "liberals" are bad kind of thing. So bill and hil fit into that category. He's only posted about Hil a few times, and take the usually republican view, that she is unqualified and only got to where she was because a husband pull strings. So a typical hardcore republican who thinks all democratics are socialist and bad. But he doesn't write about her often, only rarely and in passing. Doesn't seem to prefer her over him or vice versa.


Alessandro Machi said...

What tips the scale for me is that how many african american republicans were at the national convention in Minnesota in 2008?

I think I saw about three in the crowd.

They are their own kind of PUMA, just as ignored by the Republicans as PUMA's were by the democrats.

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