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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Connecting the Dots between David Letterman's Snarky Teenage Girl Sex Comments and what appears in the Sunday Newspaper ads.

This ad came out in this past Sunday's Newspaper. I'll be the first to say that this ad was not a direct result of the latest David Letterman comments about Sarah Palin's Daughters.
However, I think it is fair to wonder if snarky comments about teens WITHOUT EVER SHOWCASING a POSITIVE VIEWPOINT about them eventually leads to the above type of AD PROFILING and MARKETING to young teenage girls.
The "bikini" bottom pictured in the ad is revealing an awful lot of skin below the belly button. What is actually being covered below the belly button may not be that much more than what a G-String covers. The picture is designed to fool parents into thinking more is being covered than is really being covered.

So what we are left with is an onslaught of publicizing young girls sexuality on television and also in print ads. Is it any wonder these young girls voluntarily send pictures of themselves nude via their own cell phones then feel publicly humiliated for having done it?

So what about it Dave, your apology is NOT ENOUGH.

Do more David Letterman, figure it out.

Profile some other aspect of being a teenage girl, and have teenagers on your show! Why not stand up and actually influence the type of advertisements about teens that would run on your show should you decide to have a teen week or teens as guests from time to time.

Do more David Letterman, figure it out.

Or you could choose to stay as you are and instead donate a huge chunk of money to some charity of Sarah Palin's choice. Although I don't think that would be as effective a solution as it doesn't actually enlighten or inspire other teens to be more than what advertisers prop them down to be, and it doesn't necessarily change your behavior either.

Plus, is that additional money you would be donating, or would you just be shifting money you already donate from one charity to another?

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