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Monday, June 1, 2009

Barack Obama wants to Hear From YOU!

Let Barack Obama know what is on your mind. I think you have until June 02, midnight, 2009 to let him know. Here is the link.

It looks like there is one issue that is heads and shoulders above the others by the name of "Let me see your papers", aka Birth Certificate.

For me there is a second issue, and that is the right to OPT OUT of any financial agreement when there is a proposed change in terms by the bank or credit card company. When a bank or credit card company wants to change the original agreement that both sides had been honoring, citizens should have the right to opt out, also known as, just say no.
Edit update, well, there have been 38 yes's to my OPT OUT as a consumer right, and only 3 or 4 no's. Sadly, two of those no's were from wanna be PUMA's who were so rabidly for Barack Obama revealing his birth certificate, they just spammed other topics and voted no against anything that was not about the Barack Obama certificate.  Of the 38 yes votes for my OPT OUT topic, most of them have come from outside of this blog. That is kind of a wake up call for me.
I am struggling with how PUMA's can be for Barack Obama revealing his birth certificate, but be ambivalent towards fighting so their neighbors don't lose their homes to unfair and usurious credit card interest rate increase tactics that are also suffocating the local economies all over the country, which actually affects everybody.


Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

Just want to say that I gave you a shout out on "Sarah Palin Radio" last evening.


Listen in and then tell me how you think I did!

Alessandro Machi said...

Ok, I left the direct link to your radio interview in the comments section of your blog article,

Click Here to go to link.

It is definitely a strange time hearing the talk about all the republicans as being the only alternative to Barack Obama. It dawns on me that for the next four years we won't hear about any other possible up and coming democratic candidate.

If Hillary had stayed in congress there might have been a trianglation of power, instead, it's Barack Obama OR the Republican Party, plus all the other third party candidates trying to gain footing.

Thanks for the mention!

Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

I agree. We live in strange times. AND... politics do make strange bedfellows.

The next four to eitght years will be very interesting. I hope we see a new Republican party, as well as a new Democratic one. My sense is... they are both shifting Left now, on some issues. But there will also be a dual shift to the Right on others.

At least it will not be boring!

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