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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To PUMA Bloggers, please comment here if you think your new blog articles take longer than 30 minutes to update on Daily PUMA.

Daily PUMA does not directly control when your articles update. Sometimes DailyPUMA can delete and then re add a blog and the blog will update, but it is not a sure thing that that will work.

There are a few blogs that don't seem to update as quickly as other blogs. Maybe we can figure out if it is the same blog service that is having the delay by getting a tally on which blogs don't update relatively quickly.

If you feel your blog is not updating quickly enough on DailyPUMA, please leave a comment along with the name of your blog and how long you think it takes for the updating to actually occur.



1950 Democrat said...

Odd thing just now.

PumaResponders.blogspot.com updated almost instantly.

Boojum-post.blogspot.com still has not updated, though I added new material to it (2.43 pm) before adding to PumaResponders (2.52 pm).

Hate to mention it, why nitpick a great service! :-)

1950 Democrat said...

Now I'm really confused. Boojum-post.blogspot.com does show the new material (Hillary ovation) but suddenly moved way down here:

1950 Democrat said...

Oh, NOW Boojum-post is back up top! I guess I re-loaded DP at just the wrong moment.


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