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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Latreasa Davis is a Hero, Not a Zero, and should not have been arrested for calling 911 about McDonald's Chicken McNugget Bait and Switch Agenda.

The police arrested Latreasa Davis for "wrongfully" calling 911 when her Chicken McNuggets order was substituted to whatever McDonald's felt like giving her. "You PAID for a garden salad, well, try our super nachos al grande instead, we INSIST".

You decide to purchase the purple prius with gold plated hubcaps,
"Well we're going to exchange your purchase "request" into a hummer because it is of equal or greater value, and we have a bunch more of them in stock anyways". That's fair, right?

The McDonalds in this particular situation offered meal substitutions whenever they did not have what the customer ordered! This is shockingly socialistic. If this particular McDonalds did not have what the customer ordered they would give something else of equal or greater value. The

While the media tries to get everybody to play along and laugh at Latreasa Davis, Latreasa Davis is a righteous hero in my book. I only wish Latreasa Davis could be recognized as the flash point for THE birth of real consumer rights in this country rather than being ridiculed by our very own stupid media.

While everyone mocks Davis's use of 911 for a Chicken McNuggets order gone wrong, the real issue here is that there is no way to instantly report blatant corporate stupidity and have someone from the government actually show up and protect the consumer from the corporation.
We should all be concerned that not only is there no way to get instant action over corporate arrogance, if you try to get instant protection, YOU WILL GET ARRESTED and be made fun of by the media.
McDonald's should be picketed for actually thinking it is OK to take a customer's money, and then decide what food to give that customer. McDonald's offer of a free make good coupon to Ms. Davis is the final condescending insult from the corporate world to the consumer.

For those of you who don't take this editorial seriously, I DARE YOU to accept someone else's money for a specific product or service that you regularly sell, and then inform the customer you do not have their item and instead will be giving them something of equal or greater value of your choosing, and that under no circumstance will you give them back their money.

I double dare you to try that. Actually, please don't, as I don't want to be responsible for your premature demise or likely injury that may result.

Would you really accept such shallow treatment if it happened to you?


Infidel753 said...

She should have called the police at their regular number. Using 911 for this kind of trivia ties up operator time that should be spent dealing with actual emergencies.

Alessandro Machi said...

Do you think an officer would have shown up? Police officers allegedly don't even show up for traffic accident reports.

How about this for a solution. All Pensioned police officers MUST work ONE SHIFT A MONTH in the 911 division specifically dealing with these types of situations. Most seasoned police vets would probably have sided with Latreasa Davis and told McDonalds to give her back her money.

What McDonalds did by insisting on picking out the for their customer could eat, was mind control, and I take that very seriously.

coffee said...

what the McFugget?

Alessandro Machi said...

Maybe McDonalds is trying to get back the 1/2 million dollars they paid out for serving a woman coffee that was too hot and burnt her lap, one McNugget order at a time.

NeoConDon said...

I've been debating this with people on a blog where I serve as a guest writer: www.theconstantcomplainer.com

While it is very sad that this woman did not know how to resolve the situation herself, she should have been told the first time that she needed to call the local police. The way I see it, the 911 operators led her on by agreeing with her plea and continued to tell her they were sending an officer to help her. Instead, that officer arrested her. This is a perfect example of gov't tyranny against the least among us.

Alessandro Machi said...

Police Officers tend to develop their judgement skills the longer they are on the force. If a police officer had been told the situation over the phone, they could have simply told McDonalds they were in the wrong.

If McDonald's still refused to give her her money, then file a police report, ON BEHALF of Latreasa Davis, not against her.

Do we realize that Davis had no recourse at that moment in time. Even crime victims get to call the police to file a report. The question is, would the local police have actually come out if she had called them, and how long would they have taken to come out?

Alessandro Machi said...

I just found another blog article that takes a similar position.

Wait Wait Wait

Susan Maxwell Schmidt said...

Thanks for linking to my blog post on this subject. I was really angry when I wrote that, and I still am. Injustice, especially when it is used to make a public spectacle of someone, makes me angry. And the continued dredging up of this subject in "Year in Review" snippets with Davis continuing to be viewed as "in the wrong" only furthers the injustice and reflects poorly on those who perpetuate this line of thought.

Susan Maxwell Schmidt
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