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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Laughing at Republicans, it's good for the soul from time to time.

I would like to suggest that even though PUMA's may not like Barack Obama, PUMA's don't necessarily need to embrace every Republican rant against Barack Obama, either.

When Barack Obama told the Republicans that "I won" not you, that should have been a PUMA moment to smile at the whiny Republicans who don't seem to understand they lost the election and have yet to accept their fate. The same snotty, snide and sneaky Barack Obama tactics that helped spawn the PUMA movement are now coming home to roost towards the Republicans.

If the Republicans hadn't been so smugly pleased when Hillary Clinton was betrayed by her own party, perhaps they'd be dealing with someone who might not rub them the wrong way as much, Hillary Clinton. (especially if they had outed the ridiculousness of the caucus contest results.)

While Rush Limbaugh said he hopes Barack Obama fails, I would like to be better than Rush and point out the errors that both democrats and republicans will inevitably make, and avoid automatically siding with anybody who opposes Barack Obama.


Infidel753 said...

This is very true. Part of why I favored Hillary over Obama is that she is clearly a liberal by conviction, while I wasn't nearly so sure about him.

This is why I object to conflating PUMAs and Republicans. There was (for many) an alliance of convenience during the election, and there may continue to be so, but the two are not the same.

Cinie said...

Gee, I didn't know PUMA was an exclusively feminist, stick it to Republicans movement. I thought it was a "hold Democrats accountable to their own principles" movement. Seems to me, pointing out that gloating, "nyah nanana I won" is bad form and likely to be counter-productive to a spirit of bi-partisanship, is a very PUMA thing to do. Let the Republicans take care of themselves.

Infidel753 said...

PUMA stands for "party unity my ass". It refers to those of us Clinton supporters who decided not to knuckle under and fall into lockstep when Obama beat Hillary in a rigged nomination process. As for how in the world the idea got started that it includes Republicans, beats me.

Alessandro Machi said...

With the media being in the tank for Barack Obama, PUMA's have to gauge what republicans say to get some semblance of balance.

What's happening is now that Barack Obama is president, there is the urge for PUMA's to say "I told you so" everytime Barack Obama does something now, that reminds us of how he was during the democratic race.

The "I won, you didn't" comment reminds us of the arrogance that was on display immediately after Barack cheated in the caucus contests and immediately demanded Hillary Clinton quit because 1 million caucus votes trumped the will of over 20-25 million voters AND the super delegates.

However, the republicans sure seem to be showing what sore losers they are and I don't think PUMA's should take everyone of their rants seriously. Some of them yes, but not all of them.

NYCgirl said...


I was immediately put off by Obama's impossibly arrogant comment of "I won" when he was allegedly trying to get the Repubs to cooperate with him on the stimulus package. How is that in-your-face posturing supposed to work in his favor? Obama is so full of himself, it's sickening. Is this what we have in store for the next four years?

Just because PUMAs are disgusted by Obama's continued condescension and arrogance toward anyone who disagrees with him doesn't mean we are all pro-Republican. I for one am not, and will never be, a supporter of the GOP.

Alessandro Machi said...

But wasn't if fun to see Barack Obama do it to somebody else other than Hillary Clinton? Especially the republicans, who I think some way, some how, should have done more to expose what MSNBC was not going to expose, the caucus fraud and rigged accusations of racism against Hillary Clinton.

I think the republicans almost felt sorry for Hillary Clinton, but deep down, they also loved how she was treated by the democratic party last year.

Well, now they may get a taste of the very thing they watched Hillary go through. What's that saying about watching something happening to someone else and doing nothing, and then eventually they come for you to?

That's kind of what the republicans may be going through now, and it's what Hillary Clinton went through last year.

NYCgirl said...

Allesandro said:

"But wasn't if fun to see Barack Obama do it to somebody else other than Hillary Clinton?"

No, Allesandro. I guess I'm just not capable of such nuanced schadenfreude. :-)

Alessandro Machi said...

Good point, I don't actually condone that type of behavior. Let me add to the end of my prior question.

"But wasn't if fun to see Barack Obama do it to somebody else other than Hillary Clinton, because they actually DESERVED IT!

Ever since the impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton, the Republicans have been on a kind of an arrogant roll for so long now that they needed a good taunting to wake them up a bit.

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