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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What I was taught about being a legal U.S. Citizen...

(Editors note, Feb. 2014 - since the writing of this article I also wrote a more detailed article on my Fair Reflection blog. If Barack Obama's father was not a naturalized citizen, Barack Obama may not be a natural born citizen. However, is it actually a law or belief that our president is not a natural born citizen based on the behavior of a parent post birth ?)

When I was in the 8th or 9th grade, I recall citizenship being explained to us in the following manner, as long as an infant was born on U.S. soil, the infant would automatically be a U.S. Citizen, irrespective of whether or not either parent was a citizen. That's what I was taught, so for me, the Barack Obama citizenship issue has been over my head. I read the citizenship interpretations and all my overtaxed brain can refer to is, was Barack Obama born in Hawaii, or not?

However, right now seems to be an important time in the Barack Obama citizenship issue so I made a special section for those blogs that are covering this issue and have kept it on the top of Daily PUMA (along with the passing of Tanta).

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