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Sunday, November 9, 2008

You walk into a Bar, See a Big Screen TV, and....

You walk into a Bar, See a Big Screen TV, and...on the big screen TV is DailyPUMA! It's a PUMA social meeting. But rather than compete with the music and clusters of different discussions going on at the same time, a moderator with a microphone asks people to choose a headline on Daily PUMA. The moderator clicks on the headline, and reads the article out loud to the PUMA's who are gathered.

Far Fetched? Ahead of it's time? Think about it. Think about how hard it is too conduct political meetings in public settings as the meeting quickly disengages into 8 different discussions among 20 people. Now think about how easy it would be too conduct a meeting using the DailyPUMA as your focus point.

(Updated Friday, July 7, 2017, 2:15pm) Ok, so it was a dumb idea.)


Alessandro Machi said...

Attending a PUMA meeting where the PUMA organizers completely plan the agenda ahead of time creates a huge workload for the organizers and can even constrict how the PUMA meeting evolves.

Since no one is being paid, how much is one member supposed to follow the lead of another?

The DailyPUMA can add a wonderful third party big screen presence to a group meeting. The Daily PUMA third party presence changes and evolves a public meeting as the entire group spontaneously picks and chooses what article they want to discuss.

Alessandro Machi said...

To those of you who are finding this site for the first time, if you use the google "cache" function you may be looking at a page that is days, or weeks old.

If you simply click on the link, it should be current information.

Just thought you should know.

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