Monday, June 15, 2020

Are Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo responsible for the unnecessary deaths of thousands of Nursing Home Seniors?

If I were to write a horror script about maniacal Governors who want to reduce the population of Nursing Home Seniors while posing as the good guys, could I just copy what Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo did in their epic battle against Donald Trump and the Coronavirus?

Donald Trump offered Newsom and Cuomo Hospital Ships Ironically named Mercy and Comfort. Both Newsom and Cuomo seemed to miss the boat when it came to how to save their Nursing Home Seniors.

Rather than send Non-COVID Nursing Home Patients to the Hospital Ships and then send COVID Seniors into the Nursing Homes, Governor Newsom actually started paying Nursing Homes a Thousand dollars a day to intake COVID Seniors with the Non-COVID Seniors already in the Nursing Homes!

Governor Cuomo created a frenzy over not having enough ventilators when ventilators had never even been approved for COVID-19 in any Clinical Trials!

It never crossed Mr. Cuomo's mind to send Non-COVID Nursing Home Seniors to the Hospital Ship provided by Trump, and then put the COVID Seniors into the Nursing Homes? The death among Nursing home Seniors in both California and New York was mind bending, yet no one from the media has come forward and asked why weren't non COVID Seniors put into the Hospital ships.

As if that wasn't bad enough, our horror script based on our Bi Coastal Governors ends with Family members of the Non-COVID Nursing Home Patients having to watch their loved ones slowly die from COVID-19 through pane glass windows. Crueler still, their own loved ones may have received COVID-19 from Seniors with COVID-19 who were brought into the Nursing Homes!

In the final chapter of our horror script, the prowling reporter comes up with the biggest gaffe of all. Actually asking Trump if he would take responsibility for the first 50,000 COVID deaths. Trump is getting a raw deal from the Mainstream Media while the real villains have gotten away with the unnecessary death of thousands of Nursing Home Seniors Citizens.

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