Friday, November 2, 2018

Older Folks are more afraid of the Democrats than the Republicans.

Back in 2008 when Hillary Clinton ran against Barack Obama for the Democrat Nomination, Clinton had a diverse base of support. Back in 2008, Small business owners supported Hillary Clinton, Women supported her, Ethnicities supported her, I think even the elderly supported her. The one group she was losing was the younger people, even with Chelsea Clinton campaigning on campuses. Democrat elites were convinced that Obama could win over all of Hillary Clinton's supporters, while also appealing to the younger crowd who clamored for change.

10 years later and Hillary Clinton seems to have dived into the very group that she had the weakest support, the millennials and younger. While some may see that as a daring move, I see it as a betrayal of people her own age who don't have the wealth that Hillary Clinton has but have steadfastly stood by her for the past 25 years or longer.

As I venture into the guardianship abuse issues that are pervasive around the country, Barack Obama seems to be getting a significant amount of the blame among those who have lost loved ones to corrupt public guardians who basically get a court order and seize an elderly person from their own family, sons and daughters, and then spend the elders wealth.

I do believe that Obama and his administration tried to deal with the most difficult aspect of healthcare, those who are younger and healthier and were gaming the system by only getting catastrophic health insurance. It was a lose lose proposition as there really is no way to convince somebody who upped their hospital only insurance coverage deductible from 1,000 dollars to 5,000 dollars per event and in the process dropped their monthly premiums in half.

A person with a high deductible, Hospital only policy could reach the break even point in 2 and 1/2 years and from then on would be saving a massive amount of money year after year even if they had one Hospital Event within that 2 and 1/2 time span. The Medical industry argued that this was a form of Top of the Muffin abuse. Avoid doctor visits and wait until something grave happens that could have been prevented with doctor's visits but now requires hospitalization, which is then covered under the catastrophic, high deductible, low premium plan. A perfect storm of Top of the Muffinness.

However, there were millions upon millions of people whose premiums went up and the only way to qualify for lower cost, affordable healthcare was to lose one's job and be covered by a spouse's healthcare plan.

I think Trump's plan is pretty simple, he will continue to be the target and keep Democrats off of the real problems the Democrat party faces, such as winning back some of the geography they have lost to an America that believes the Democrats favor immigrants over people who have lived in America for decades or longer.

Hillary Clinton's rush to be a part of a political youth movement would have only worked if she personally took responsibility for her own personal health and actually moved her body in a manner that is known as physical exercise. 

While Trump apparently is not in great shape, Trump apparently does not drink or smoke and he apparently stays remotely in shape by fighting with people, who oblige Trump by fighting back.

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