Monday, October 22, 2018

The Progressives Biggest Mistake and how Elizabeth Warren is making it Worse.

I wish I could directly refer to the piece of video I saw after midnight earlier today. I think it was on Meet the Press. Warren was asked about Trump's Washington Post approval rating being 47% and she gave a really bizarre answer, that if the economy was as good as is being stated it should be even higher, or something to that effect. Dumber than the answer was her tone. Warren seems tone deaf. Warren comes off as someone with no plan other than to figure out how to get enough people together to get what they want for themselves and to justify their position because they belong to some type of disenfranchised minority.

The problem with strength through affliction is if the group gets too big, the Victimhood Life Raft, sinks.

But Progressives have an even bigger problem. I heard the following in the past day or two. Progressives protect the weakest among us, it is their mantle of honor. Here is the problem with that political stance; just above the weakest among us are the people barely holding on who are doing it out of strength and love for their family and community. These groups are routinely called racist by Progressives if they speak too loudly or disagree with a Progressives point of view.

Republican Politicians are constantly doing things to piss off the actual majority of people out there. So how can the Democrats be missing the boat? I would suggest the lack of tolerance for people who are afraid of losing what they already have, in favor of saving people who have even less, has created a Racism cauldron in which Progressives cannot figure out how to include those who have just enough to get by and could lose it all very quickly with just a little bit of bad luck.

When we then factor in immigration issues, then the tilt really comes into play. As I have said in the past, if we can't fairly treat the seniors we already have, how are going to treat an influx of people as they age?

Another related fact addressed in an earlier DailyPUMA article is Democrats have become citified. Republican strong holds have most of the land in the country, and rather than be embarrassed and tackle this issue, Democrats would rather focus on a modest plurality of total voters and pretend that having significantly less land than Republicans is a non issue.

The type of Latino in each party is radically different. The Democrat party has a large number of Latinos in power positions who feel the need to be pro Latino on every issue. Republican Latinos have taken a much different path; they don't want anyone coming into the country to have it easier then they had it themselves and they certainly don't want their tax dollars going to "first timers" when the Republican Latinos already here worked their butts off to get where they are now.

Republican minorities have worked their butts off and when they look over at Democrats, not only do they see a parade of entitlements for the weakest among us including immigrants, they also see physically soft Democrat leaders who look like they could not do a weeks worth of honest labor.

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